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Title: Spectral Extravagance
Artist: Cerebrum
Genre: Death Metal
Release Date: 18th August 2009
Label: Lacerated Enemy Records

Album Review

An astounding trio known simply as CEREBRUM has unleashed ‘Spectral Extravagance’ not to mention their signing to Lacerated Enemy Records to top it off, but 11-tracks to settle the final deal. These 11-tracks filled with nothing but pure brutality mind blowing riffs with mix-matched solos, totally throws you off guard right after hearing the opening track ‘Fragments of Illusion’. ‘Pattern of Fear’ is another mind blower because the intensity impacted within the song brings out this progression of sound that can’t be figured out, it displays the craftsmanship that Pestilence and Cynic tend to express within their music. ‘Thorns of Weakness’ expands the music a little further but going into a heavier detail sounding a lot like Atheist and Gorguts combined, with the way the vocal tones go having that brutal uniqueness overlapping the instruments just overpowers the whole music experience. Making the music sound a lot more vivid and alive, CEREBRUM’s ‘Spectral Extravagance’ is an intense douse of brutality added with a dash of reality.


01. Fragments of Illusion
02. Scatter-Brain
03. Pattern of Fear
04. Intolerable Ado
05. Epiphysis Thrive
06. Edge of Parallel Circles
07. Beyond Imagination
08. Thorns of Weakness
09. Salvia Divinorum
10. The Prologue of Completion (instrumental)
11. Shreds of Remains


Apollon Zygomalas
Mike Papadopoulos
Jim Touras
George Kollias


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Music: 9
Sound: 9
Extras: -
Total: 9 / 10


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