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Title: Love Is Gone
Artist: Dommin
Genre: Gothic Rock
Release Date: 29th January 2010
Label: Roadrunner Records

Album Review

DOMMIN is a gothic rock band from Los Angeles, who was discovered by Dirty Icon Productions and is now signed to Roadrunner Records. Currently, they are about to release their first album, ‘Love Is Gone’, after ten years of existence. Characteristic about the band is Kristofer’s unique and remarkable voice. It is used in a variable and fitting way, yet his voice at times reminded me of TYPE O NEGATIVE or PARADISE LOST.

Concerning the lyrics, themes such as melancholy, loneliness or love are covered, so that the target audience appears pretty obviously. Songs such as the powerful opener ‘My Heart, Your Hands’ get stuck pretty quickly in one’s mind, whilst the ballade ‘Making The Most’ pleases people who love soulful melodies. Somehow, influences from swing music (orientated at the 30’s or 40’s of the last century) are audible, for example at the song ‘Dark Holiday’.

In general, the album covers many shades of dark music, including faster or slower songs, always combined with cliché-like lyrics. After a while, some elements tend to get predictable and few songs appear to me as makeshifts. Still, fans of the genre are not mistaken in giving this band a try.


01. My Heart, Your Hands
02. New
03. Evenfall Hollow
04. Tonight
05. Love Is Gone
06. Dark Holiday
07. Without End
08. Within Reach
09. Closure
10. Making the Most
11. One Feeling
12. I Still Lost
13. One Eye Open
14. Honestly
15. Remember


Kristofer Dommin - Vocals, Guitar
Konstantine - Keyboards
Billy James - Bass
Cameron Morris - Drums

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Cover Picture


Music: 5
Sound: 8
Extras: -
Total: 6.5 / 10

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