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Artist: Die Happy
Title: Red Box
Genre: Rock / Alternative
Release Date: 24th September 2010
Label: F.A.M.E / EMI

Album Review

It’s about ten years ago since DIE HAPPY was recognized by a greater audience with their “anthem” ‘Supersonic Speed’, and after a few lean years due to an album that was not “snappy” enough (VI) finally they’re back! Although always awesome in live performing, the one peculiar big bang in their career unfortunately is still missing. First of all, ‘red box’ is not to be an exception…

According to their own statement, DIE HAPPY had to reconsider their composing and song writing facilities. It’s a kind of “going back to the roots” somehow… and in my opinion it feels like coming home now! This is what DIE HAPPY had to sound like from the very first beginning… it’s the catchy and fancy song writing that reminds of the times of ‘Supersonic Speed’ and ‘Goodbye’ combined with the experience they made over the years. There’s still Marta’s beautiful and bitchy voice, that is able to cause me goose bumps and the sound of music gives me the illusion of nascent pictures right before my eyes…

All is well… though this release also has got its weaker songs. There’s no need for a cover of DESTINY CHILD’s ‘Survivor’ and I still don’t have a clue, why this album is titled red box according to an instrumental of 1:10 min! And, for sure… this release should have to offer more playing time! Just a few words to Marty and POPSTARS: there’s no doubt about it, that her presence in a casting show beside her own purpose will fetch some fans - they definitely deserve it. But if only publicity would be the reason for that, then I have to say, that ‘red box’ is definitely not in need of such machinations, because it is consistently successful!

Nevertheless, with ‘red box’ Marta and the lads finally found their way back home… back to strength and energy! Every time I’m listening to this release, I’m quite sure that I will DIE HAPPY!


01. Mesmerized
02. Dance For You Tonight
03. Superstar
04. Good Things
05. Survivor
06. Stay With Me
07. Anytime
08. Black Vicious Monster
09. Red Box
10. Bang Boom Bang
11. Help Me
12. Sweet Enemy
13. Anywhere Without You


Bass - Ralph Rieker
Vocals - Marta Jandová
Guitar - Thorsten Mewes
Drums - Jürgen Stiehle

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Music: 9
Sound: 9
Extras: -
Total: 9 / 10


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