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Artist: Alter Bridge
Title: AB III
Genre: Alternative / Metal / Rock / Post-Grunge
Release Date: 8th October 2010
Label: Roadrunner Records

Album Review

The band’s name, ALTER BRIDGE, is said to originate from inspiration by an actual place in Detroit, one which children were not supposed to cross as it was said to lead to the bad side of the town, symbolising the forbiden fruit of the unknown and the excitement of fear. There is both of this in this band - their music has that child-like wonder-openness and emotional honesty yet grown up experience searching, examining and expressing the darker, harsher corners of life. If you have ever wondered what MEGADETH and SOUNDGARDEN might sound like together, more or less you will find this question answered here. Furthermore, it’s good to hear grunge is alive and in a much more mature form.

The dynamics between the front man Myles Kennedy and Mark Tremonti are obvious from the first song ‘Slip To The Void’, the harmonised bridge between them is great, the dark riffs and startling lyrics, and the superb, textured vocal of Kennedy together with their get-up-and-go attitude start this album on a high note. ‘Still Remains’ is the most metal song, whilst ‘Make It Right’ has that unmissable post-grunge feel, and behold - it’s upbeat! ‘Wonderful Life’ is outstanding. It’s beautifully and perceptively sung, altogether a moving song about death and loss, one that doesn’t fail to reach deep and awaken echoes of one’s own experiences; it gets you not just choked on it but celebrating the lives of those that have left you behind - quite an empowering way to deal with one’s grief. It could have very easily gone into the cheesy sentimental ballad, but this walks the line just fine without dipping into the muck - thankfully. Also it’s not just in its nominal way remindful of the same-titled classic of a film.

‘Show Me A Sign’ -Tremonti accompanies Kennedy with dark, nearly creepily whisper-growled vocals as a counterpoint to the former’s effortless reaching of heights on the chorus, all adding to the wonderfully eerie feel of this song. ‘Fallout’ brings a bluesy, country rock feel, a very beautiful and melodic piece. ‘Words Darker than Their Wings’ is another song where both Tremonti and Kennedy sing, their musical dialogue is convincing and dramatic; the falsetto ending is just brilliant. This is an impressive album. Kennedy is an exceptional singer, the musicianship of this album is altogether honed to excellence - the technical flair and verve are palpable, lyrics are great too and the album contains so many superb songs to listen to many times over. It’s a welcomed bonus that the band does give a sense that they are more interested in making music and that authenticity of their art and integrity are more important to them than the commercial side of it.

This band will go far and shouldn’t be missed out on - not only this is a must-get album, it makes one want to get the other two (‘One Day Remains’ and ‘Blackbird’) as well if they’re not already in one’s collection and to go see them live. Yes, that’s how good it is.


01. Slip To The Void (4.55)
02. Isolation (4.15)
03. Ghost Of Days Gone By (4.27)
04. All Hope Is Gone (4.51)
05. Still Remains (4.46)
06. Make It Right (4.17)
07. Wonderful Life (5.21)
08. I Know It Hurts (3.57)
09. Show Me A Sign (5.58)
10. Fallout (4.24)
11. Breathe Again (4.23)
12. Coeur d’Alene (4.33)
13. Life Must Go On (4.34)
14. Words Darker Than Their Wings (5.21)


Myles Kennedy – vocals, guitar
Mark Tremonti – guitar
Brian Marshall – bass
Scott Phillips – drums

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Music: 9
Sound: 9
Total: 9 / 10


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