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Artist: Deviant UK
Title: Wreckhead Remix EP
Genre: Electro, Industrial, Gothic
Release Date: 3rd December 2010
Label: Remote Music

Album Review

In the light of the release of the sophomore album, British electronic act DEVIANT UK prepared 10-track CD single ‘Wreckhead Remix EP’, maybe in order to stir up interest to the forthcoming full-length record. Of course, fans of the formation will definitely appreciate the EP however I don’t think a set of remixes allows you to make some judges about the music of the band you are listening for the first time however an overall review is always possible. Thus here we get a fine collection with the album version of the title song that actually opens the whole CD. The dynamic, speedy and danceable composition, maybe a bit too long but still driving and the length here is not so difficult to adapt to as the vocals. Maybe, this manner of singing has its moments yet they are evident only for those who like it.

The two remixes offer to assess the song from other perspectives and if the remix by GRENDEL is even more energetic and rapid than the original, the one by METHOD CELL turned to be more profound without losing its rhythmic. Two different remixes of ‘You Will Burn’ are quite interesting with their musical and lyrical aspects while ‘My Black Heart’ simply passes by in a constant and, I would say, not too impressive electronic stream. Nice arrangements can be found in ‘Maid of Plastic’ and ‘Bad Influence’ but in my opinion the best track off the whole album is ‘Access Denied!’ which was kept for a dessert. In general, the EP is just for all who find something for themselves in mere electronic music, whatever.


01. Wreckhead (Album Version) – 5:41
02. Wreckhead (Grendel Remix) – 4:47
03. You Will Burn (Ashes Remix by NG-Pro) – 5:12
04. My Black Heart (Transplanted By Surgyn) – 4:32
05. Maid of Plastic (Bariuz Remix) – 6:16
06. Wreckhead (Method Cell Remix) – 4:44
07. You Will Burn (Acid Overdose by The Ladder) – 5:01
08. Maid of Plastic (On Your TV Mix by 19NinetyNine) – 5:25
09. Bad Influence (Bite Your Pillow Mix by Katscan) – 6:06
10. Access Denied! (Assemblage 23 Remix) – 5:03


Jay Smith – Music, Vocals
Huw Mason – Live Keys
Addz Milner – Live Guitar
Mark B – Live Drums


Cover Picture


Music: 8
Sound: 7
Extras: -
Total: 7.5 / 10


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