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Artist: Cavalera Conspiracy
Title: Blunt Force Trauma
Genre: Groove/ Thrash Metal
Release Date: 25th March 2011
Label: Roadrunner Records

Album Review

After its self debut ‘Inflikted’, CAVALERA CONSPIRACY fans were unsure of the future of this semi super-group, most notably known for the Cavalera brothers, Max and Igor, who since SEPULTURA’s rift, had not been in much contact or interested in having much to do with music with each other. So, when CAVALERA CONSPIRACY was formed, it was seen as patching a huge gash – emotionally - between Max and Igor, and also delivered an excellent hybrid of both SOULFLY and SEPULTURA sound, almost hailing back to the older days when some fans felt that SEPULTURA’s best was when Max Cavalera still did vocals and played guitar in the band. After that, the continued existence was unsure, until the significance of unleashing ‘Blunt Force Trauma’. However, fans may be disappointed to know that this is more of a straightforward groove / thrash metal album, with almost no percussive / tribal elements. It is not generic, but at the same time, not as diverse or complex as ‘Inflikted’.

At the same time, one could say that by the birth of ‘Blunt…’ that CAVALERA CONSPIRACY are starting to forge their own path in the metal world rather than try to copy the works of what has been done in SOULFLY or SEPULTURA. Sure, the music can go by quick- especially when it comes to a track like ‘Torture’ - but it is all energetic and the lyrics have the same stirring political and social issues about violence and war that SEPULTURA involved in the late 90s. While there will be no ‘Refuse / Resist- part 2’ hits here as far as it comes to Max Cavalera’s great tastes for catchy rhythms, there are a few stand out tracks that should be mentioned as he barrels through every track barking out his lyrics of vengeance. ‘Killing Inside’ goes for a very dark tone with Max whispering the words over and over and the guitars taking a more progressive, almost maybe doom metal tone that doesn’t measure to the hyperactive, head banging crushers like ‘Warlord’. ‘Lynch Mob’ features guest vocals from Roger Miret of AGNOSTIC FRONT, a hardcore band, so the play-off of vocals between both him and Max are a great mix. ‘Target’ is a mid paced chugging machine of destruction, and ‘Genghis Khan’ features a few spoken word section, some eerie guitar melodies mixed in with the typical lengthy chugs, all interrupted by a fantastic solo from Marc Rizzo. If there is one thing that CAVALERA CONSPIRACY never goes wrong with, it is their guitar solos.

‘Burn Waco’ is the only track that really seems like it has a tribal drumming feel to it from Igor. Make no mistake, he hasn’t gotten lazy behind the kit; it’s just a shame to miss that “organic” feel of percussion versus the regular click of the drums against the kit. The guitars seem a bit more technical as well, but overall the groove is still involved overall. ‘Rasputin’ tends to sound a bit like some of the earlier track, except it is also one of the few tracks to feature a slow outro, and a very strong interlude with Max shouting “Revolution!” The album closes on the title track, but it isn’t exactly a strong finish. Like ‘Warlord’, it features the typical chugging style with a similar lyrical message; thankfully the solo hammers out a few impressive licks before delving into some layered, melodic guitar work that carries all the way to the end. It is just a shame that they didn’t carry out other tracks as grandly as they did with this one.

‘Blunt Force Trauma’ may seem a big generic as far as its title goes, but the music is quite good for modern metal standards. While it mostly draws on SEPULTURA sound, Max’s presence as a vocalist and guitarist gives a bit of SOULFLY presence. Still, it is good to see CAVALERA CONSPIRACY chipping away at a direction that doesn’t sound exactly like anything that Max and Co. have performed in the past. Even though the group performs a lot of SEPULTURA material at their concerts, it is safe to say that CAVALERA CONSPIRACY is well on their way to being their “own metal band”. Fans may miss the tribal influences of Igor’s percussive abilities, but the music takes a different front by making everything a lot more melodic and also groove laden, rather than just sheer, hard hitting metal that is all bark but no bite. And ‘Blunt Force Trauma’ bites. Hard.


01. Warlord 3:05
02. Torture 1:51
03. Lynch Mob (Featuring Roger Miret of Agnostic Front) 2:31
04. Killing Inside 3:28
05. Thrasher 2:49
06. I Speak Hate 3:10
07. Target 2:36
08. Genghis Khan 4:23
09. Burn Waco 2:52
10. Rasputin 3:22
11. Blunt Force Trauma 3:58


Max Cavalera - Vocals, Rhythm Guitar
Marc Rizzo - Lead Guitar
Johnny Chow - Bass
Igor Cavalera - Drums, Percussion



Cover Picture



Music: 8
Sound: 8
Total: 8 / 10

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