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Artist: Dim Arcana
Title: Ars Populi
Genre: Medieval Dark Ambient
Release Date: 23rd May 2011
Label: Black Drone

Album Review

La Grande Fanfare, this is the only label that one can apply to the music of DIM ARCANA. For one hour I was listening supposedly spooky drones, the like that make John Carpenter’s music in “Halloween” to sound like Beethoven’s 9th Symphony in comparison, Ambient simplistic tunes to evoke a heavy atmosphere, some ecclesiastical litanies, some others of the “dark arts” and all that under the pretentiousness of reanimating their spaghetti Bolognese version of the Middle Ages. Their music is so simple that any teenager with knowledge of the appropriate programmes could recreate it. Maybe their best moment in this CD is ‘Lux Obscura’ where they’ve put some medieval organs (and which they sound like poor tortured goats).

Does DIM ARCANA have at least some originality? Not at all, it is just like EQUIMANTHORN or RAISON D’ETRE. This CD was a prelude to sleep. I’m wondering if their fingers were hurt from the speed they struck the keys on the keyboard. There were times I wished for Torquemada to be resurrected and to make them feel the virtues of the Spanish Inquisition with their skin. Apparently this Dark Ambient genre is so stale and dead that makes a swamp look like the Atlantic Ocean. You who like the Medieval-Neofolk music stay with the CAMERATA MEDIOLANENSE along some other great bands. Or to put it in a different way; if your girlfriend / boyfriend believes that the music of DIM ARCANA is great tell her / him that you need to go out for five minutes to buy feta cheese and ciggies and disappear. If you on the other hand love that kind of stuff I believe that it is time for you to go to that appointment with your doctor - the one you have postponed for so long.


01. Ars Populi – 7:18
02. Introduzione (lettera ad un demone) – 0:52
03. Dissertazione D’un Ladro – 8:27
04. Lux Obscura – 6:58
05. Il Non Sobrio Sarcasmo – 6:21
06. La Vestale Con Una Luce – 5:04
07. Le Sue Mani Son Tempesta – 4:09
08. Il Sudicio Cantore Errante – 4:44
09. Promessa Din Un’Anima Bruciata – 4:52
10. Conclusione (congedo cosmico) – 11:27


Diasper - Synths, programming, reeds, flutes, evil goat pipe, voices
Einzl - Voices, storyteller, keyboards

Websites /

Cover Picture



Music: 2
Sound: 7
Total: 4.5 / 10


+1 #2 Sage 2012-02-18 19:55
I have to agree with the previous comment. This was absurdly unprofessional. It's alright to dislike or even hate a release, but as a journalist you have to pull yourself about insults and write about what you don't like about it...

I'm bewildered that a 'zine like this would be alright with this kind of review...
+3 #1 Roberto Filippozzi 2011-09-15 12:38
One of the worst and less professional "reviews" I've ever read in my entire life.

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