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Artist: Endless Shame
Title: Generation Blind
Genre: Synth Pop / Electro Pop
Release Date: 30th April 2011
Label: EKproduct

Album Review

ENDLESS SHAME is a synth pop trio from Sweden, founded sometimes in the ‘90’s; they’ve released two albums previously to ‘Generation Blind’, their newest release. They are inspired by electronic music in general, and some alternative rock and pop. Their songs have this simplicity which yet produces a certain, understated intensity in the subtle emotiveness of the songs. They’re catchy but in an unobtrusive, denuded way - it gets you gently rather than harshly or aggressively. Although the sounds seem to be reminiscent of the ‘80’s era, the hats off tribute to that time is not making their music to sound far too retro, rather it brings something of the feeling into the present and gives it a relevant sheen. Predominantly the album is leaning into melancholic but not in a suffocating way, not in a way that’d bring you down or make you wallow in your sorrows.

One of my criticisms here would be starting with the album’s weakest song ‘Painkiller’ as it seems the least natural, it’s a bit heavy-handed and the refrain sounds too naff;  from the second song on though they’re showing their promise and strengths that I’ve outlined in the earlier paragraph. Some of the highlights were songs like ‘Broken Dolls’ with its small incorporation of harder more EBM-ish elements, it’s more darker atmosphere and matching gloomier beat sequences. ‘As If There’s Angels’ is one of the more anthemic songs, strong and catchy hook, smooth melodies, a great song. Though there are some good things going for ‘Sister Of Mercy’ i.e. the echoing vocals to the main refrain, some of its beats, it did feel another slightly off kilter track, due to a certain stereotype of a fantasy and cheesiness within it.

‘The Reaper’ that follows it elevates the impression back up as it’s another track that stands out, quite a danceable number that raises the energy up a notch or two. ‘The Reaper Enigmatic version’ did indeed take the signature sound from ENIGMA, though interesting, it just seemed a tribute and didn’t get far too much beyond that. In my opinion it should have been saved for EP. The following ‘Slave (Simplified Version)’ was superb though, stripped down to a guitar and singing with keyboards entering only gently and adding some atmosphere later on, beautiful and emotive song. ENDLESS SHAME is distinctive with their minimalist synth pop, going back to its roots pays off to give them a feeling of a nice, fresh breeze on the scene. Wonderful album.


01. Painkiller
02. Halo
03. Broken Dolls
04. Purgatory
05. As If There’s Angels
06. Erase The Beautiful
07. Trial Of Fire
08. Sister Of Mercy
09. The Reaper
10. Love Letter To Anxiety
11. The Reaper (Enigmatic Version)
12. Slave (Simplified Version)


Mattias Levin – Vocals, guitar
Mika Rossi – Keyboards, percussions
Anders Olsson – Keyboards, backing vocals


Cover Picture



Music: 7
Sound: 8
Total: 7.5 /10

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