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Artist: Djerv
Title: Djerv
Genre: Aggro Rock / Metal
Release Date: 17th June 2011
Label: Indie Recordings

Album Review

Although DJERV are rather a new band, they are no newcomers to music scene; they were members of TRELLDOM, ANIMA ALPHA and STONEGARD. Previously they’ve had a single ‘Headstone’ out following some demos and playing festivals. Agnete Kjølsrud also sung on three tracks for DIMMU BORGIR’s ‘Abrahadabra’. Their self-titled debut album is just coming out. Black Metal indeed seeps into this mixture of Aggro Rock / Metal, and there’s a lot of great attitude and raw power to it. The vocal is extraordinary. Why? Because this music is aggressive, it kicks a breath out off your chest and delivers visceral kicks to the guts, and yet Kjølsrud is singing it as a woman. Several female Metal singers (if you forget Symphonic Metal) think that to gain equality of recognition they  have to put their femininity on a hook before they enter studio or go out there live and endeavour to match their male colleagues - but on male terms.

Well, Agnete Kjølsrud does it on her own fucking terms and she’s not ashamed to sing it as a woman. That’s real guts.  She has an incredible presence on the album, live she must be dynamite. She elevates DJERV music into remarkable territory. What are the highlights? ‘Abmuse’ is a truly outstanding track, so many different facets; the riffs go insanely fast and have this frantic trembling feeling at times behind the intense and evocative vocal, the tempos change to present more subtle touches to the harder ones. ‘Blind The Heat’ is just pure flame of energy rocking you out of your skull. But honestly, each song is actually great and at the end of the day, I would name them all. This is an excellent album, an impressive debut and I think we’ll hear a lot in future about this band - as long as they hold on to their fantastic singer!


01. Madman  - 4.25
02. The Bowling Pin – 3.36
03. Headstone – 3.50
04. Gruesome Twosome – 4.05
05. Only I Exist – 4.24
06. Ladder To The Moon – 3.58
07. Abmuse – 4.49
08. Blind The Heat – 3.14
09. Immortal – 4.37


Agnete Kjølsrud - Vocals
Stian Kårstad - Guitar
Erlend Gjerde - Drums

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Music: 9
Sound: 9
Total: 9 / 10

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