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criminal alkerre
Artist: Criminal
Title: Akelarre
Genre: Thrash/ Death Metal
Release Date: 19th August 2011
Label: Massacre Records

Album Review

CRIMINAL have been around for some time, and some might remember when they first exploded with their death thrash album ‘Victimized’. With a sound similar to that of earlier SEPULTURA (minus the tribal elements), CRIMINAL have steadily built a reputation as being one of the bigger bands from Chile and since then have put on numerous shows and released a multitude of albums. They’ve grown in sound, but still have that SEPULTURA tinge to them, if not more since their debut. ‘Akelarre’ however is their most recent and fastest release yet (probably from combined demands of the industry and fans), so compared to their previous release - ‘White Hell’ - there hasn’t been much of a change in sound. But, then again, if heavy thrash mixed with groove and led by death snarls is one’s cup of tea, then ‘Akelarre’ will be a great listen.

Every track on ‘Akelarre’ is pretty heavy and all in the same vein of chugging thrash mixed with catchy rhythms. There are no interludes and no slow tracks, so don’t expect much progression or surprises that make one realized they tried to do something different. Tracks like ‘Resistance Is Futile’ and ‘Feel The Void’ just take right off and blaze along with segmented riffs and thick, machine gun burst drums along with the raw and powerful vocals that resemble that of bands like THE CROWN. The production is clear enough to make everything audible with no overlaps or any instruments cutting into the vocals, or vice versa. Guitar solos such as that on ‘Feel The Void’ have tons of melody; sometimes they seem like they were spawned right from CHIMAIRA, another post thrash metal band with a similar vocal approach. Other tracks like ‘State Of Siege’ lend more towards the SEPULTURA sound with the percussion opening up before leaning into the groove chugs; fans who miss the ‘Chaos A.D.’ era are going to love where that track goes.

‘Power Of The Dog’ also stands as a highlight from the mid paced churn that is very easily digestible and doesn’t feel like a speed metal headache while including a few decent rhythms as well on top of the vocals, which sound even more effective at being brutal when the music is slowed down a bit. Overall ‘Akelarre’ stands as a standard release for whatever expectations fans might have for CRIMINAL. It doesn’t do anything new but at the same time it doesn’t tank either as being a complete waste of listening time. For those who are just getting into the band it will serve as a great listen for those who like modern thrash or groove metal with doses of melody in the solos or death and personal struggle themes/ lyrics. Some might consider them SEPULTRA copycats, but CRIMINAL does their best to try and forge their own sound on ‘Akelarre’ while remaining to the expectations that they have set for themselves from past releases. It’s certainly groove thrash brutality that’s been heard before, but if it isn’t broken, there is no need to fix it.


01. Order From Chaos - 4:54
02. Resistance Is Futile - 4:41
03. The Ghost We Summoned - 4:03
04. Akelarre - 2:01
05. State Of Siege - 4:11
06. Tyrannicide - 4:20
07. Feel The Void - 4:41
08. The Power Of The Dog - 3:37
09. Vows Of Silence - 4:17
10. La Santa Muerte - 4:48


Anton Reisenegger - Vocals, Guitars
Zac O'Neil - Drums
Dan Biggin - Bass
Omar Cascallar - Guitars


Cover Picture

criminal alkerre


Music: 6
Sound: 6
Total: 6 / 10

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