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introChristuskirche, Bochum, Germany
16th November 2012
Anne Clark

ANNE CLARK has risen to iconic heights within the wave community within her career spanning way over three decades now. Following a little hiatus, she eventually returned with her first new album in 12 years ‘The Smallest Act Of Kindness’ in September 2008 and from there on was more present than ever. On stage she's currently supported by Jeff Aug (guitar), Tobias Haas (drums & percussion), Murat Parlak (piano), Jann Michael Engel (cello) and Steve Schroyder (keyboards & electronics). /


Music & Performance
The venue being a church, I would have expected the show to be somewhat more acoustic and laid-back, we figured it'd be safe not to use the earplugs for now. When 'Full Moon' broke over us we quickly changed our minds since it came with the full force of a band at an expectable volume. A few songs into the set, the corridors between the banks were filled with people who couldn't stand sitting through the entirety of the concert. Some of them indulging in expressive dance moves. Those wouldn't work exactly to every tune played that night but the fun is what counts, right? There was a quiet/ loud scheme applied to the concert, meaning between those times when the full band played, there were moments steeped in intimacy with the full band only occasionally joining in. Most of those intermezzos were stripped down to piano  and vocals akin to an accentuated radio play.


Upon 'Sleeper In Metropolis', there was no holding back and cheers permeated the air. It was the epic climax of the show which at that bond was far from being over but somehow everything that followed had an epilogue feeling to me. This is not to diminish the mere fact that this was a very special evening at a very special venue.

01. Full Moon
02. Alarm Call
03. Short Story
04. Leaving
05. Heaven
06. Killing Time
07. Off Grid
08. The Hardest Heart
09. Echoes Remain Forever
10. So Quiet Here
11. Be Drunk
12. Shell Song
13. Seize The Vivid Sky
14. Elegy For A Lost Summer
15. Ajde Jano (instrumental)
16. The Haunted Road
17. Empty Me
18. As Soon As I Get Home
19. Mundesley Beach
20. Virtuality
21. Sleeper In Metropolis
22. Boy Racing
23. The Panther
24. Abuse
25. Our Darkness

Music: 8
Performance: 9
Sound: 8
Light: 7
Total: 8.2 / 10


All pictures by Daniela Vorndran ( / / /

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