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AL01Kesselhaus, Munich, Germany
6th May 2016
Adam Lambert & Eveline

It was a marvellous spring day and I Prepared myself for the way to Munich to see - at least for myself - a quite different concert. ADAM LAMBERT did himself the honour of playing one of his only three appearances in Germany this night in Munich.


EVELINE are quite a young project from Berlin / Germany. Lisa Kögler and Jan Eric Markert have studied both music and work with each other only for about two years. Their aim is, according to own words, to leave the well-worn borders of the pop music genre.

Music & Performance
Shortly after 8:30 PM it became night in the Kesselhaus in the best sense of the word. EVELINE, in live appearances consisting of singer Lisa Kögler, Jan Eric Markert and the guest musicians, Lukas Just (saxophone / guitar) and Henrik Hoelzen (drums) entered the stage. Indeed, the lighting was so bad that one did not really see a lot of the show other than one stood directly in front of the stage. If Lisa wouldn't have been dressed in white, one would probably have seen nothing at all. Therefore I was a bit sorry for the audience in the sold-out Kesselhaus, especially since the music which was presented was really worth hearing. The interlude was accepted by the fans rather well, people danced together keenly and applauded. With the classically qualified voice of Lisa and the saxophone and piano company they made something quite special out of danceable pop. After half an hour the young Berliners said goodbye and made the stage free for ADAM LAMBERT.

Music: 7
Performance: 6
Sound: 7
Light: 3
Total: 6 / 10


Adam Lambert

ADAM LAMBERT is an US-American singer, songwriter and musical actor. He was known by his participation in 2009's American Idol where he reached the second place. Since 2012 he has also appeared over and over again with the British band QUEEN and has even accompanied them on several tours. As a solo artist he has published his third album in 2015 which carries the title 'The Original High'. Up to now, Lambert has sold more than 5.4 million sound carriers and received already some honouring.

Music & Performance
Finally after 45 minutes it was time for the evening’s highlight: The lights in the Kesselhaus darkened and on the canvas behind the stage the gigantic letters A, D, A and M appeared, before Adam himself entered the stage. He was accompanied by a band and two dancers who supported him with their performance vigorously. The light show met all the wishes, just as the choreography - everything was thought out perfectly. His absolutely easy to remember voice came across always very expressional and the audience was sent into raptures from beginning. Beside his own hits he also successfully covered other songs, as for example 'Mad World' or also 'Let's Dance' from DAVID BOWIE. People keenly danced together, sang along and nodded their heads. Partially even disco feeling arose.


ADAM used longer instrumental phases twice to change clothes and to lead the fans through the show in a new, unusual outfit. And every time again the audience in the sold-out hall was eager to follow his advices. In the middle of the concert he insisted on telling something and on thanking his fans. Finally, Munich was the end of his current tour. For this final show, his fan club has organised a nice poster action which impressed the singer obviously. Then after a nearly two hours the concert came to an end and the visitors, still in dancing mood, started happily their way home. For my taste the whole presentation was a little bit too perfect: Not even the smallest detail was left to, nothing was changed spontaneously what I found a little sad, because Adam Lambert really has talent and could make more out of it! Anyway the audience has liked it all-over and this is the most important.

01. Evil In The Night
02. For Your Entertainment
03. Ghost Town
04. Welcome To The Show
05. Runnin' / Chokehold / Sleepwalker
06. Underground
07. Rumors
08. Lucy
09. After Hours
10. Mad World (Tears For Fears-Cover)
11. Whataya Want From Me (Pink-Cover)
12. Another Lonely Night
13. The Light / The Original High / Never Close Your Eyes
14. Let's Dance (David Bowie-Cover)
15. Shady / Fever
16. If I Had You
17. Tresspassing / Another One Bites The Dust (Queen-Cover)

Music: 9
Performance: 8
Sound: 8
Light: 9
Total: 8.5 / 10


All pictures by Erika Knepper (


0 #3 Sherrill 2016-05-12 23:47
Are you saying if Adam would have made a few mistakes singing or performance you would have been happier? Spontaneity is Adam's best attribute because no 2 shows ever are alike. Sorry you felt the need for improvement.I thought it was perfection and that he graced our time with his. ;-) Magical night for me.
0 #2 DrakulkaCZ 2016-05-12 20:44
Thanks for the review.
First: Whataya Want From Me IS NOT P!nk cover!!! She just wrote it as many other artists writes songs for others. :-?
The lights are programmed so there is problem to do something too much different way. But there were changes and improvisations in singing & choreography.
If you had attended more of his concerts (as me - Hamburg, Berlin, Wien and München), you would have known that he changed and encore was about 7 minutes longer than usually because of different improvisations. Let´s dance was good surprise and so was the long set for the small venue too. The speach was different and interactive. That´s Adam´s "problem" - he is almost perfect even if it is not prepared. So people who don´t know him too much are not able to recognize it. :-?
The singer of Eveline is good but she needs to improve her technique and articulation.
Thanks for the good review though. It was worth reading. Sorry for my English. :-) :roll:
0 #1 Leigh 2016-05-12 19:06
Nice review with one caveat - have seen videos of this performance and have attended one myself - Lambert constantly changes things up in his concerts and is very spontaneous - that 20-minute encore alone indicates that. All performers have a "template" upon which they proceed through a concert - nothing unusual about that. This is not a guy plunking on a guitar with chit-chat between numbers - it's a SHOW in the true meaning of the word. Anyhow, you're correct in the reactions of the audience - they absolutely loved it - and him.

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