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introMatrix, Bochum, Germany
8th September 2016

On occasion of the launching of the new album ‘Fräulein könn’ Sie linksrum tanzen’ (Miss, can you dance to the left) at the end of August this year, the band is busily touring and made a stop in the Matrix Bochum.

Quote from its Facebook site: “A Polish bagpipe player, a German tuba player, a Czech trumpet player, a singer from the bloodline of a genuine gypsy king, a DJ from Bosnia, East and West Berlin drummers and percussionists - an explosive mix of street music, club sounds and Berlin snout tells stories about the smell of the city, wild nights, the ladies of Berlin, retired belly dancers and makes you “move ya ass”.” Some of the band members are already known to be part of the Medieval band CORVUS CORAX. Together with the Balkan Beats DJ Robert Soko the musicians of CORVUS CORAX founded this project in 2012. With typical Berlin wit and charm accompanied by a fulminant mixture of danceable rhythms, Balkan beats and Mariachi music, BERLINSKIBEAT is known to have big parties with the audience. With the new album the ‘Roaring Twenties’ come back to life but in the typical BERLINSKIBEAT style. BERLINSKIBEAT is Castus, Norri, Vit, Jordon, Steve, Pan and Hatz. / 


Music & Performance
The first time I saw BERLINSKIBEAT perform was in 2013 at the Castlefest in Lisse, Netherlands. On that day, the band was headliner. I accompanied a musician with her band and also wrote the festival review for Reflections of Darkness. Thus I listened a while to the band, made some notes, took some photos and then went backstage. I found the performance and songs really impressive but after a long day, running around between three stages, I was really tired and actually I only wanted to sit and enjoy some red wine. But after a while I noticed that the band was still playing and apparently had no intention to finish so soon. I heard people cheering and the musicians and relatives who were in the backstage joined the band on stage for a little dance. No question I had to check that out and soon I was involved in the big party. The guys rock like hell! So with this experience in mind I was really hoping that BERLINSKIBEAT will come to my area for a show. And finally my wish came true. To my great disappointment I noticed that apparently the band is not so well known in the Ruhr area and thus only a few people showed up - mainly Hardcore fans of this band and CORVUS CORAX as well, who travelled around to see the band perform.


Nevertheless the band was in high spirits and started to party with the audience as if the venue was packed to the roof and in no time no one in the audience was standing still and soon it was very hot in the venue. That the band likes to interact with the audience I experienced soon personally as the singer Castus went down the stage and did a little dance with me to ‘Fräulein, könn‘ Sie linksrum tanzen’. How good a multi-cultural band can work with all the input of traditional songs can be clearly heard and seen. And so there are songs from Hungary, Bulgaria, the Ukraine and other countries, blended with the special Berlin charm and dialect. Besides all that you find out that most of the band members are multi-instrumentalists as they all switched positions and diverse instruments. And every one of them had great fun in performing. The new songs were well received. So I really have to say “Chapeau!” that the situation on that evening didn’t lower the spirit of the band. I hope that this experience won’t keep the band from coming back to the Ruhr area and hopefully the venue will be full. This band really deserves it as it is one of the most entertaining I have seen. If you had a bad day I assure you that you will leave a concert of BERLINSKIBEAT in high spirits with a big smile on your face.


01. Die Nacht ist nicht allein zum schlafen da
02. Mutter der Mann mit dem Koks ist da
03. Fräulein, könn’ Sie linksrum tanzen
04. Kawa Moma
05. Bollinskilied
06. Es fällt Regen
07. Haus auf Rädern
08. Die glorreichen Sieben
09. Ick mach heut frei
10. Du hast mich belogen
11. Damenwahl
12. Ick fahr im Kreis
13. Die Stadt ist heiß
14. Nacht in Berlin
15. Never change a running system
16. It’s a long way to the top (if you wanna Rock’n’Roll (AC/DC cover)
17. Can Can
18. Berlinski Beat
19. Heidutzki Tanez
20. Feuerwehr

Music: 9
Performance: 10
Sound: 8
Light: 7
Total: 8.5 / 10


All Pictures by Daniela Vorndran ( /

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