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introMatrix, Bochum, Germany
5th December 2016
The Answer & The Dead Daisies

It is time for another hard rock night, this time at the Matrix in Bochum. The club is well known for parties and concerts and it is a venue with a great atmosphere if the gig takes place in the tube - as it is the case tonight. It is freezing outside, the temperature below zero, but in the tunnel, it is already getting hot as people are waiting for THE ANSWER and THE DEAD DAISIES, two bands who have joined on a co-headline tour. Brick walls, dim lights, and a small stage greet me. The club is packed with people. Tonight’s first band are THE DEAD DAISIES. I cannot wait to see them.

The Dead Daisies

THE DEAD DAISIES are an Australian-American hard rock music collective and super band formed in 2012 by David Lowy. While Lowy has been playing the rhythm guitar throughout the years, the line-up has been changing ever since. Musicians from bands such as GUNS N’ ROSES, THE CULT, WHITESNAKE, THIN LIZZY, MÖTLEY CRÜE and many more have been part of THE DEAD DAISIES. They have recorded three albums so far, their self-titled debut releasing in 2013, and their latest album ‘Make Some Noise’ in August 2016. Their music ranges from classic rock to hard rock while hinting at heavy metal here and there. If you enjoy energetic rock music, check their Facebook page and do not miss to visit their website


Music & Performance
It is crowded and warm in the tube of the Matrix when THE DEAD DAISIES open the night, being the first band on stage today. They start with ‘Long Way To Go’ from their latest album, an energetic rock song with a great classic vibe. On stage, we have John Corabi (Mötley Crüe) singing and engaging the crowd, Doug Aldrich (Dio, Whitesnake) on lead guitar, David Lowy on rhythm guitar, Marco Mendoza (Thin Lizzy) on bass, and Brian Tichy (Whitesnake) on drums. The crowd is hooked instantly, hands flying up in the air, heads banging, and roaring with applause after this powerful introduction to great rock music. THE DEAD DAISIES continue with ‘Mexico’, a song from their second album ‘Revolución’ from 2015, rocking the hell out of the club. When they play the title track ‘Make Some Noise’, a twangy and heavy classic rock hymn, they have won over the crowd completely, with people singing and yelling along and clearly having a blast.


It is getting hot and sweaty in the front row, and the driving guitars, the dancing bass, and the fierce drums are filling my ears and my head. The power and energy emerging from these five musicians and hitting the crowd unfiltered is amazing. A spectacle, to say the least. They run and jump around stage, singing and playing like the Devil. THE DEAD DAISIES perform thirteen songs, all fast forward, fiery, and raw, and after about forty minutes, Brian Tichy spoils the fans with a great drum solo, letting the drum sticks fly in the end. The set list contains mainly songs from the new album, like ‘We All Fall Down’, ‘Song And A Prayer’, and ‘Mainline’, and is completed with some classic covers and numbers from their former releases. Tonight, it is time to experience Doug Aldrich’s skills on guitar and be entertained by John Corabi who knows how to rock the crowd hard and provoke a good laugh in between. And because there can never be enough fun at a hard rock concert, Marco Mendoza eventually descends from the stage and walks straight into the crowd, playing the bass surrounded by his fans. Fantastic!


THE DEAD DAISIES conclude their set with a sweet speech about not playing the typical encore and ‘Midnight Moses’. Seventy hot minutes are over and the band leaves the stage under roaring applause. I am in dire need for some fresh air and a cold drink and feel perfectly entertained and rocked by THE DEAD DAISIES. The only thing I might have to complain about is the sound. The drums have been too loud at times and it has been difficult to pick up the bass – although listening to the album, it is clearly bass-driven and the performance on stage has been equally strong. Also, the vocals could have been louder. This is clearly one of the disadvantages of the venue. While the tunnel sets a great atmosphere, mixing the sound is an issue. It has been a terrific show nonetheless, so if THE DEAD DAISIES are around, make sure to go see them.


01. Long Way To Go
02. Mexico
03. Make Some Noise
04. Song And A Prayer
05. Fortunate Son
06. We All Fall Down
07. Last Time
08. Join Together
09. With You And I
10. Mainline
11. Helter Skelter
12. American Band
13. Midnight Moses

Music: 9
Performance: 9
Sound: 7
Light: 8
Total: 8.2 / 10


The Answer

THE ANSWER are a rock band from Northern Ireland and have been around since the year 2000. The band of four has been brought to life by guitarist Paul Mahon and delivers finest hard rock and delicate blues rock. After three EPs, THE ANSWER release their debut album ‘Rise’ in 2006 that becomes a success and earns the band acclaim and praise. Since their debut, they have recorded five more albums, the latest being ‘Solas’, releasing on 14th October 2016. To stay informed about new music from THE ANSWER, hit their website and visit their Facebook page for videos, photos, and the latest news.


Music & Performance
It takes about twenty-five minutes to build up the stage for THE ANSWER, tonight’s second band. They start around ten, opening with ‘Solas’, the title track from the new album, a slow, heavy and dark song, vibrating with Cormac Neeson’s strong voice. Guitarist Paul Mahon delivers beautiful riffs and an impressive first solo while Micky Waters lets the bass growl and James Heatley hits the drums. The sound is well defined and clear, with great bass lines and a guitar that lures me into darkness. The second song is ‘Beautiful World’, an emotional and yet heavy performance with just the right amount of blues rock. The music is melodic but never too soft although THE ANSWER create an entirely different atmosphere, influenced by folk music, often catchy melodies, and yet a darker mood.


THE ANSWER perform mostly songs from ‘Solas’ and add some older material to their set, for example the title track from ‘New Horizon’, ‘Come Follow Me’ from the acclaimed debut ‘Rise’, and ‘Waste Your Tears’ from ‘Revival’. The crowd clearly enjoys the show. People are moving to the rhythm and melodies when the music gets softer, as it is the case with ‘In This Land’, and throw their arms up to heavier and faster tracks like ‘Demon Eyes’. The set ranges from hard rock songs just perfect for head-banging to swinging blues and ballads. Whenever Cormac Neeson picks up the acoustic guitar, the performance gets even more versatile, underlining how skilled and talented THE ASNWER are.


During the set, there are problems with Paul Mahon’s guitar. The band uses the interruption to entertain the audience with a short acapella interlude about whiskey. The crowd sings along laughing until the instrument is ready again and THE ANSWER can go on. They play a set of fourteen songs, ending their show with the beautiful ‘Battle Cry’. It is time to go back into the biting cold and eventually home. As much as I have enjoyed the performance and the skill THE ANSWER have shown on stage, I am not entirely satisfied. This has much to do with the high energy and the whipping sound from the first band. THE ANSWER play beautiful, creative music with bass lines I am eager to listen to again but most of the songs tonight are rather slow and lack the attack I would have wished for. Yet, I recommend seeing this band live for they are amazing musicians and they will entertain you.


01. Solas
02. Beautiful World
03. New Horizon
04. Demon Driven Man
05. Tunnel
06. Waste Your Tears
07. Untrue Colour
08. In This Land
09. Thief Of Light
10. Come Follow Me + Moment
11. Demon Eyes
12. Being Begotten
13. Spectacular
14. Battle Cry

Music: 7
Performance: 6
Sound: 8
Light: 7
Total: 7 / 10


All pictures by Daniela Vorndran ( /

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