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introOpera Concert Club, Saint-Petersburg, Russia
9th December 2016
Diorama & special guest Janosch Moldau

Recently, the frosty days of Russian winter in December were warmed with the visit of two wonderful bands, DIORAMA and JANOSCH MOLDAU. The musicians came to take part in the Synthetic Snow Festival in Moscow and play the show in Saint-Petersburg one day before. Our reporter visited both performances to share the impressions with you and tell how stunningly it was.

Janosch Moldau

Two noble men are standing under the searchlight rays in front of the crowd as the wise musicians who lived for ages - the evening was opened by JANOSCH MOLDAU as a guest band. The graceful voice of Janosch and powerful electronic music waves spread on the crowd. The charismatic singer always manages to install an extra-special, subtle contact with the audience and enchant the crowd. Rhythmic but deep music, charmed the people and made them move, removing all the constraints and fears. It was a real revelation, or even musical confession. The honest and sensitive front man spoke to the audience which understood him without a word. They read his lyrics between the lines. Every sound, every phrase was full of meaning and full of life. The music seemed to be an immortal melody which had neither beginning nor end. Many times, the audience stood still and gazed hungrily at the front man, thinking “does that guy really have such a pure voice?”… Anyway, all of them were happy and close to each other. Janosch came up on stage like an illusion, performed awesome and left it for DIORAMA. / 



Sometimes you need time to understand how our world works, to see all its beauty, to feel all the truth. It can be impenetrable darkness or the brightest light, it can be the real happiness or the true sadness. However, all the pieces of the whole universe are inside of you - either bad or good, all can be felt in the songs by Torben Wendt. The music, which consists of the most delicate human experiences, simply cannot leave you indifferent. It seemed that even severe columns in club were listening attentively and agreed with every line. The lyrics of the musical magician came true into the very heart of the public. It scored the bull's-eye. The song ‘ZSA’, the title track of the new DIORAMA album, is the story about the lonely general who had no soldiers to fight shoulder to shoulder. Well, while playing this song, all the concert guys had their own army of several hundred dedicated and fearless hearts. Admiration gathered those different people together, gave them relief from suffering, and healed spiritual wounds. The music of DIORAMA is the most understandable language for people who know the life. The guys was trying to give everything they have all over to the listeners, without residue, to the last drop.


To see DIORAMA playing always means to unravel a mystery, to fall in love with people you already love, to see all you see every day in a completely new way. In the band's music you can lose yourself and find again. Every meeting with them is an amazing journey within, where you are gently leaded by the strong hand. Russia will be looking forward to do it once again. /

01. ZSA
02. Forgotten
03. Hope
04. Off
05. Hydro Drugs
06. Polaroids
07. &
08. Belle
09. Howland Road
10. Defcon
11. Beta
12. Synthesize Me
13. Why
14. Stay Undecided
15. Kein Mord
16. Child Of Entertainment
17. Advance
18. Erase Me


All pictures from Synthetic Snow Festival by Ekaterina Yakyamseva

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