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 DSC8009Tavastia, Helsinki, Finland
28th February 2017

EPICA's ‘The Holographic Principle’ was released in September 2016, which was naturally followed by a support live tour (with the Scandinavian leg called “The Nordic Principle Tour”). Contrary to their usual place of gigs in Helsinki, Nosturi, they have chosen Tavastia club this time.

Music & Performance
When you are having an EPICA concert, you are in for a treat. A major success of their gigs lies in very well-staged concerts. Everything is quite well-rehearsed, very dynamic and they have an absolutely magnificent light engineer that makes the show look really high-end, even within the limited boundaries of a live club.


It was, however, a pity that in Tavastia’s sound quality drops as you retreat from the stage. First half of the gig I spent there and was not really impressed. It is somewhat fascinating that rather easy on ears, EPICA has their fair share of the moshpit, with all these teenagers jumping in a circle and bumping into each other. Thanks to some of that activity front side of the club suddenly got some space, as people went away from dangerously jumping teens, so I was able to move to the better sound zone. (It is really admirable how sound techs are able to battle random acoustics of the various clubs on tour.) At some point close to the end, Simone suddenly had a problem with her voice, so she could not sing for some time. However, neither crowd nor the band was losing the drive, keeping it going while the singer was taking a break. I have seen this for the first time, so it was a moment when you start to think, is the gig over too early? However, after a short time, Simone was back and the gig continued as it should.


The only thing I would wish is an acoustically better venue that would provide a more immerse experience for the listener.

Music: 8
Performance: 8
Sound: 8
Light: 8
Total: 8 / 10

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All pictures by Askar Ibragimov

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