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BonfireTurbinenhalle II, Oberhausen, Germany
6th November 2018
Bonfire and Friends - “A Night with Rock Legends” - Support: Scanner

BONFIRE’s roots go back to 1972. They used to call themselves CACUMEN back then. With the renaming, the Ingolstadt-based BONFIRE made their debut in 1986 with ‘Don’t Touch the Light’ and with ‘Fireworks’ the following year with 300,000 units sold in Germany alone, a mega-seller was launched. At that time they were touring in the pre-program of JUDAS PRIEST and reached metal fans in the biggest arenas of this world.

After many line-up changes BONFIRE now play with Hans Ziller (guitar), Frank Pane (guitar), Alexx Stahl (vocals), Ronnie Parkes (bass) and Tim Breideband (drums). In 2018 they released their 17th album, ‘Temple Of Lies’. Over the years mastermind Hans Ziller has worked with numerous rock greats or toured with them. During this time the idea matured to do something together with these friends and to provide the popular Rock songs with their very own BONFIRE spirit. The “Bonfire and Friends” tour started on November 2nd in Fischach and should end on November 21st in Hannover. Today it was the turn of the Turbinenhalle in Oberhausen. Already in the run-up it became known that Joe Lynn Turner (ex-RAINBOW) had left the line-up after several queer spells and also Phil Mogg (UFO) had to cancel due to illness. All in all the tour start was quite slow and even today the venue with less than 200 fans was not well attended. With the creation of the review today, the tour was even cancelled completely due to burnout syndromes with Hans Ziller.

BonfireBON 782020181106BON 7820


As a guest, BONFIRE had the Power Metal heads of SCANNER as warm-up with them. The quintet with singer Axel Julius was founded in 1986 and comes from North Rhine-Westphalia. With a delay of a quarter of an hour the guys came on stage at 7:30 pm and served classic Heavy Metal / Power Metal of the older style. The band was a good booster and especially the riffy ‘Wonder’ was very well received.

01. Terrion
02. Eutopia
03. R.M.U.
04. Wonder
05. Across The Universe

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At about 8:30 pm there was time for BONFIRE and they opened the evening with the classic BONFIRE numbers ‘Ready For Reaction’ and ‘Sweet Obsession’. It was followed by ‘Black Masquerade’ with introduction of Paul Morris on keyboard and the most famous UFO number ‘Doctor Doctor’, unfortunately in the absence of Phil Mogg. Alexx Stahl took over the vocal parts, led through the next program and did his thing really well. Then it went bang on case and one megastar after the other entered the stage and celebrated 2 or 3 songs in company of BONFIRE. The beginning was James Christian from HOUSE OF LORDS, followed by Dieter “Quaster” Hertrampf from the German band PUHDYS. When Robin Beck stormed the stage with ‘Tears In the Rain’ and ‘First Time’, the cheers were very big. This was followed by the RAINBOW classics ‘I Surrender’ and ‘Child In Time’, both performed by BONFIRE themselves.

BonfireBON 771720181106BON 7717

With classical numbers, Johnny Gioeli (HARDLINE, AXEL RUDI PELL) followed. ‘Rebellion’ by Chris Boltendahl (GRAVE DIGGER) probably caused the biggest jubilation of the evening, while the performance by Bobby Kimball (TOTO) was rather lax. With the bald Geoff Tate of QUEENSRYCHE, today ‘Operation:Mindcrime’, and Dave Bickler of SURVIVOR with the megahit ‘Eye Of The Tiger’ followed the vocal highlights at the end of the show, which found a very conciliatory conclusion with a rendezvous of all protagonists and the last number, ‘American Nights’.

01. Ready For Reaction
02. Sweet Obsession
03. Black Masquerade (Paul Morris)
04. Doctor Doctor
05. Wanna Be Loved (James Christian)
06. Love Don‘t Lie (James Christian)
07. Frei Wie Die Geier (Dieter Hertrampf)
08. Erinnerung (Dieter Hertrampf)
09. Alt Wie Ein Baum (Dieter Hertrampf)
10. Save Up All Your Tears (Robin Beck)
11. Tears In the Rain (Robin Beck)
12. First Time (Robin Beck)
13. I Surrender
14. Child In Time
15. Dr. Love (Johnny Gioeli)
16. Hot Cherie (Johnny Gioeli)
17. Hallelujah (Johnny Gioeli)
18. Rebellion (Chris Boltendahl)
19. Heavy Metal Breakdown (Chrsi Boltendahl)
20. Hold The Line (Bobby Kimball)
21. Roseanna (Bobby Kimball)
22. Africa (Bobby Kimball)
23. Jet City Woman (Geoff Tate)
24. Silent (Geoff Tate)
25. Eyes Of The Stranger (Geoff Tate)
26. Caught In The Game (Dave Bickler)
27. Burning Heart (Dave Bickler)
28. Eye Of the Tiger (Dave Bickler)
29. American Nights

  • BonfireBON_728920181106BON_7289
  • BonfireBON_729320181106BON_7293
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  • BonfireBON_732920181106BON_7329
  • BonfireBON_734820181106BON_7348
  • BonfireBON_736320181106BON_7363
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  • BonfireBON_737520181106BON_7375
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  • BonfireBON_758020181106BON_7580
  • BonfireBON_758320181106BON_7583
  • BonfireBON_758620181106BON_7586
  • BonfireBON_760420181106BON_7604
  • BonfireBON_760720181106BON_7607
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  • BonfireBON_765820181106BON_7658
  • BonfireBON_766320181106BON_7663
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All pictures by Andreas Gey (Kommodore Johnsen)
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