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BosseMesse-and Congress-Centre Halle Münsterland, Münster, Germany
16th March 2019
Bosse - “Alles Ist Jetzt Live 2019” - Support: Dota

In autumn 2018, BOSSE was on the “Alles Ist Jetzt” tour across Germany. In spring, we move on to the next round. On March 16th, he visited us in Münster and played a two-hour show at the sold out MCC Hall. As a support act he brought the enchanting Dota Kehr from Berlin along.


The former KLEINGELDPRINZESSIN has been performing exclusively as a band DOTA since 2013. They are foursome and make honest, time-critical and Jazz-inspired music. The start of the concert of DOTA was at 8pm and the voice of front woman Dorothea has captivated the hall. DOTA’s enchanting music let the audience wallow in thoughts and got us away to her socially critical world. They shifted the atmosphere at the MCC Hall from one song to the other with rhythm changes completely. /

01. Sommer
02. Für die Sterne
03. Internetshop
04. Orte
05. Grenzen
06. Zuhause
07. Rennrad

Music: 6
Power: 6
Light: 5
Sound: 4
Total: 5.3 / 10

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The texts of BOSSE are very self-critical and they take rarely concrete position on political issues. However, at a concert you don’t enjoy his music only since he grants deep insights into the creation of his lyrics too. Many anecdotes find themselves in the subsequent text. Often, he builds everyday situations from his life so deftly into his lyrics that the context gets a different, deeper sense. It’s both, fast and energetic titles closely associated with the quiet, thoughtful personality. They deal about life. Mostly they are about love, loss and joy. From the beginning until the last syllable, he spread with his band an insane energy throughout the hall! BOSSE knows exactly how to inspire and get his fans! When BOSSE involves the crowd, he gets so much passion back! /

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Music & Performance
The last-minute sold out hall quickly filled with onlookers and fans. Just in time for 9 p.m., the concert kicked off with the song ‘Wanderer’. The audience jumped, clapped and cheered energetically to the song. Without interruption, the song of the same name as the tour, ‘Alles Ist Jetzt’, starts after it. After a small announcement by the singer Axel Bosse, the song ‘Du federst’ was played. Meanwhile, BOSSE performed, tanged and jumped across the stage. The audience followed suit and the whole hall was quaking soon. The concert went 1.5 hours. After loud encore shouts, the show continued and another four songs were played. The evening ended with the song ‘Frankfurt Oder’ and an applause from over 6,000 fans.

20190316 IMG 9917

01. Wanderer
02. Alles ist jetzt
03. Du federst
04. Dein Hurra
05. Robert de Niro
06. Die Nacht
07. Tanz mit mir
08. So oder so
09. 3 Millionen
10. Istanbul
11. Ich warte auf dich
12. Kraniche
13. Augen zu, Musik an
14. Die Befreiung
15. Schönste Zeit
16. Vier Leben
17. Ich bereue nichts
18. Overkill
19. Frankfurt Oder

Music: 9
Performance: 8
Light: 8
Your: 7
Total: 8 /10

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All pictures by Maksim Schick

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