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The BossHoss Frankfurt 21 03 19 0055Festhalle, Frankfurt, Germany
22nd March 2019
The BossHoss - “Black Is Beautiful” Tour 2019 - Support: Seasick Steve

With their glorious album number eight, ‘Black is Beautiful’ which was released on the 25th Oct 2018, THE BOSSHOSS are on tour again and present their fans the greatest show they ever had - two hours energy and pure fun.

Seasick Steve

Exactly at 19:30 SEASICK STEVE, an American Blues musician and songwriter, comes on the stage. On this evening he was supported by the colleague on the drums. From the first look you didn’t have expected much from this show - old man with guitar with his funny chair on the stage, but as soon he has started to play and to sing the magic happened… his cool and simple style, his funny guitar has brought the full Festhalle to listen to him and have fun with him. It was really nice start into the evening.

  • Seasick_Steve_Frankfurt_21_03_19_0001
  • Seasick_Steve_Frankfurt_21_03_19_0002
  • Seasick_Steve_Frankfurt_21_03_19_0003
  • Seasick_Steve_Frankfurt_21_03_19_0004
  • Seasick_Steve_Frankfurt_21_03_19_0005
  • Seasick_Steve_Frankfurt_21_03_19_0006
  • Seasick_Steve_Frankfurt_21_03_19_0007
  • Seasick_Steve_Frankfurt_21_03_19_0008
  • Seasick_Steve_Frankfurt_21_03_19_0009
  • Seasick_Steve_Frankfurt_21_03_19_0010
  • Seasick_Steve_Frankfurt_21_03_19_0011
  • Seasick_Steve_Frankfurt_21_03_19_0012
  • Seasick_Steve_Frankfurt_21_03_19_0013
  • Seasick_Steve_Frankfurt_21_03_19_0014
  • Seasick_Steve_Frankfurt_21_03_19_0015
  • Seasick_Steve_Frankfurt_21_03_19_0016
  • Seasick_Steve_Frankfurt_21_03_19_0017
  • Seasick_Steve_Frankfurt_21_03_19_0018
  • Seasick_Steve_Frankfurt_21_03_19_0019
  • Seasick_Steve_Frankfurt_21_03_19_0020
  • Seasick_Steve_Frankfurt_21_03_19_0021
  • Seasick_Steve_Frankfurt_21_03_19_0022
  • Seasick_Steve_Frankfurt_21_03_19_0023
  • Seasick_Steve_Frankfurt_21_03_19_0024
  • Seasick_Steve_Frankfurt_21_03_19_0025
  • Seasick_Steve_Frankfurt_21_03_19_0026
  • Seasick_Steve_Frankfurt_21_03_19_0027
  • Seasick_Steve_Frankfurt_21_03_19_0028
  • Seasick_Steve_Frankfurt_21_03_19_0029
  • Seasick_Steve_Frankfurt_21_03_19_0030

The BossHoss

At 20:30 was the time for the headliner. A curtain with the logo of the tour was hiding the stage, this technic you can see from year to year very often, but I am agreeing that at the moment when the curtain falls it makes all more emotional, the pressure of waiting for your artist falling down with the curtain. It was like this at this show too and after a small intro, with ‘Black is Beautiful’ the show began. Compared to Sascha who has played the guitar most of the time, Alec was all the time in move, from one podium to another. When during ‘Wait for me’ the chairs were brought on the stage, he could not simply sit on it, he climbs on it, and it was real fun watching him. The first rows were so happy when Alec comes to the barrier for the first time during ‘In your face’ and has run along it. Especially for this, there was something like stairs from stage and a small platform that the musician could run along the barrier.

The BossHoss Frankfurt 21 03 19 0016

I need to notice the great light show which had the band on this evening too; the background was looking as three floors with monitors and lights. On thee monitors during the show were different videos, sometimes small pieces which have built a big picture or sometimes separate pictures. A small amount of pyro was their too - fire columns, but they were used not very often. The Mexico style was very prominent on this tour was for THE BOSSHOSS. One part of band was dressed as Mariachi with sombreros and during the encore they came to the stage in masks of Mexican wrestling fighters. This style we could see in the stage decoration too, but anyway it was looking great.

The BossHoss Frankfurt 21 03 19 0027

In setlist contained many songs from the new album, I was really happy to listen to ‘SHE’ and ‘AYO’ live. For ‘Cook it up’, SEASICK STEVE came to the stage to sing this song with THE BOSSHOSS. It was a really nice moment; Alec has told how proud they are that Steve is on the tour with them, they drank a shot together and started to sing. There was enough room for the best hits of the band, as ‘Jolene’ for example, and the full hall has sung it with the band. A few songs later came the time for crowd-surfing. Alec has taken his t-shirt off, showed us his amazing tattoos and surfed a wile on the hands of the fans. With the ‘Dos Bros’, the main program came to the end, but after small break the band came back to the stage with ‘God loves Cowboys’ . The reactions of the visitors had shown that on this evening not the God loved cowboys, but the cowboys were the Gods.

The BossHoss Frankfurt 21 03 19 0028

After ‘Don’t Gimme That’ the stage was free for Sascha and his acoustic guitar - he has sung ‘Mary marry me’. And the great final has come. The band picked the girls from the first rows and brought them on the stage. Two of them took places on podiums and others were on the background. It was the time for ‘Word up’. In the middle of the song, the drummer brought a small drum in the middle of the stage, two girls have spilled the beer on it, each from two bottles and the drummer has played on it; it was really funny picture. It was a pity but this was the end of the evening. The band thanked anyone and left the stage. For me it was a great experience. This show in Frankfurt was the third of this tour, so there are still many other possibilities to see THE BOSSHOSS live, don’t miss them.

The BossHoss Frankfurt 21 03 19 0058

01. Intro
02. Black is beautiful
03. Wait for me
04. In your face
05. Do it
06. Hey Ya
07. SHE
08. Little Help
09. AYO
10. Bullpower
11. Cook it up
12. Good Deed
13. Break Free
14. Jolene
15. Hot in Herre
16. Stallion Battalion
17. Dos Bros
18. God loves Cowboys
19. Don’t Gimme That
20. Mary marry me
21. Word up

  • The_BossHoss_Frankfurt_21_03_19_0001
  • The_BossHoss_Frankfurt_21_03_19_0002
  • The_BossHoss_Frankfurt_21_03_19_0003
  • The_BossHoss_Frankfurt_21_03_19_0004
  • The_BossHoss_Frankfurt_21_03_19_0005
  • The_BossHoss_Frankfurt_21_03_19_0006
  • The_BossHoss_Frankfurt_21_03_19_0007
  • The_BossHoss_Frankfurt_21_03_19_0008
  • The_BossHoss_Frankfurt_21_03_19_0009
  • The_BossHoss_Frankfurt_21_03_19_0010
  • The_BossHoss_Frankfurt_21_03_19_0011
  • The_BossHoss_Frankfurt_21_03_19_0012
  • The_BossHoss_Frankfurt_21_03_19_0013
  • The_BossHoss_Frankfurt_21_03_19_0014
  • The_BossHoss_Frankfurt_21_03_19_0015
  • The_BossHoss_Frankfurt_21_03_19_0016
  • The_BossHoss_Frankfurt_21_03_19_0017
  • The_BossHoss_Frankfurt_21_03_19_0018
  • The_BossHoss_Frankfurt_21_03_19_0019
  • The_BossHoss_Frankfurt_21_03_19_0020
  • The_BossHoss_Frankfurt_21_03_19_0021
  • The_BossHoss_Frankfurt_21_03_19_0022
  • The_BossHoss_Frankfurt_21_03_19_0023
  • The_BossHoss_Frankfurt_21_03_19_0024
  • The_BossHoss_Frankfurt_21_03_19_0025
  • The_BossHoss_Frankfurt_21_03_19_0026
  • The_BossHoss_Frankfurt_21_03_19_0027
  • The_BossHoss_Frankfurt_21_03_19_0028
  • The_BossHoss_Frankfurt_21_03_19_0029
  • The_BossHoss_Frankfurt_21_03_19_0030
  • The_BossHoss_Frankfurt_21_03_19_0031
  • The_BossHoss_Frankfurt_21_03_19_0032
  • The_BossHoss_Frankfurt_21_03_19_0033
  • The_BossHoss_Frankfurt_21_03_19_0034
  • The_BossHoss_Frankfurt_21_03_19_0035
  • The_BossHoss_Frankfurt_21_03_19_0036
  • The_BossHoss_Frankfurt_21_03_19_0037
  • The_BossHoss_Frankfurt_21_03_19_0038
  • The_BossHoss_Frankfurt_21_03_19_0039
  • The_BossHoss_Frankfurt_21_03_19_0040
  • The_BossHoss_Frankfurt_21_03_19_0041
  • The_BossHoss_Frankfurt_21_03_19_0042
  • The_BossHoss_Frankfurt_21_03_19_0043
  • The_BossHoss_Frankfurt_21_03_19_0044
  • The_BossHoss_Frankfurt_21_03_19_0045
  • The_BossHoss_Frankfurt_21_03_19_0046
  • The_BossHoss_Frankfurt_21_03_19_0047
  • The_BossHoss_Frankfurt_21_03_19_0048
  • The_BossHoss_Frankfurt_21_03_19_0049
  • The_BossHoss_Frankfurt_21_03_19_0050
  • The_BossHoss_Frankfurt_21_03_19_0051
  • The_BossHoss_Frankfurt_21_03_19_0052
  • The_BossHoss_Frankfurt_21_03_19_0053
  • The_BossHoss_Frankfurt_21_03_19_0054
  • The_BossHoss_Frankfurt_21_03_19_0055

All Pictures by Daria Tessa

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