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Doro 22 von 26Sparkassenpark, Mönchengladbach, Germany
21st August 2020
Doro - Beach Chair Concert

Doro Pesch, for years the German Queen of Rock & Metal, rocked the SparkassenPark in Mönchengladbach on August 21st. 450 beach chairs were set up in front of a high stage. With a perfect and unique concept of the SparkassenPark in Mönchengladbach to comply with the rules so that Covid-19 does not spread any further.

The former frontwoman of the German group WARLOCK has been going her own way under her own name since the 1990s. The appearance in front of many beach baskets was certainly something extraordinary for DORO. Compared to the current usual drive-in events, DORO could also see her audience and their emotions. DORO PESCH, founder of the well-known heavy metal band WARLOCK, visited again Mönchengladbach with her current band. After a long time, the power woman returned to a real stage to rock the people.

Doro 23 von 26

Music & Performance
The blonde DORO let shake the stage right from the start. So she said to the large audience to get up from the beach chairs to celebrate. Of course you didn’t have to tell a Rock fan twice and so, anyone celebrated the Heavy Metal queen. DORO performed all of her hits, from slower ones to traditional Heavy Metal songs. In some places you could see the head-banging audience and their long hair. The SparkassenPark got quieter with the better-known song ‘Für immer’, which the audience loudly sang along. Of course, the Wacken anthem ‘We are the Metalheads’ could not be missing here either where the long hair of DORO and her guitarist Bas Maas rocked the stage. In the spotlight the band rocked all over the stage, while a huge backdrop of DORO and her band was shown in the background.

Doro 24 von 26

01. I Rule the Ruins (Warlock cover)
02. Raise Your Fist in the Air
03. Burning the Witches (Warlock cover)
04. Fight for Rock (Warlock cover)
05. 1000 Years
06. The Night of the Warlock
07. Blood, Sweat and Rock ’n’ Roll
08. Für immer (Warlock cover)
09. Hellbound (Warlock cover)
10. Wacken Hymne (We Are the Metalheads)
11. Breaking the Law (Judas Priest cover)
12. All for Metal
13. All We Are (Warlock cover)
14. Love Me in Black
15. True as Steel (Warlock cover)
16. Metal Racer (Warlock cover)
17. Freunde für’s Leben

Music: 8
Performance: 7
Light: 7
Sound: 8
Total: 7.5 / 10

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All pictures by Andreas Klüppelberg

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