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CulchaCandela 42 von 42Sparkassenpark, Mönchengladbach, Germany
22nd August 2020
Culcha Candela - Beach Chair Concert - "Top 10 Open Airs 2020"

With 450 beach chairs set up in front of a high stage, the SparkassenPark in Mönchengladbach comes up with a perfect and unique concept to comply with the rules so that Covid-19 does not spread any further. Summer is the time to enjoy the music of CULCHA CANDELA. In Mönchengladbach, the band performed top 10 hits. Every song a real hit, where everybody must move his feet.

CULCHA CANDELA was formed 2002 in Berlin with members from all around the world. This mix of culture you can hear in their music: Salsa meets ChaCha meets Reggae meets Dancehall meets HipHop, that’s the definition of CULCHA CANDELA. ‘Hamma!’ or ‘Monsta’ are only two songs of a lot of hits in the career of this multi-ethnic band. With their music mixture of various styles, CLUCHA CANDELA made up for a great summer feeling - the perfect combination with the built up beach chairs at the Sparkassenpark.

CulchaCandela 39 von 42

Music & Performance
The four guys from CULCHA CANDELA entered the stage with fine weather conditions and the audience was already in the best mood. Throughout the show, Johnny Strange, Don Cali and Mateo danced, sang and rapped without a break, while DJ Chino behind the turntables and the mixer was responsible for a perfect sound. CULCHA CANDELA got support from a backing singer and two dancers in summer outfits. With the sexy dance of the two blondes, the boys had fun on stage and made an incredible performance. Of course, hits like ‘Hamma!’ ‘Monsta’ or ‘Schöne Neue Welt’ were a must. The audience even sang the lyrics in Spanish perfectly.

CulchaCandela 41 von 42

To the delight of the audience, CULCHA CANDELA announced a new album and played the title track, ‘Ratatang’, straight away. The good weather was unfortunately affected by light rain in the end, but that didn’t detract from the summer mood. After CULCHA CANDELA finished their hit ‘Monsta’, the concert was unfortunately already over. Even the typical call for an encore was not heard.

Music: 8
Performance: 9
Light: 8
Sound: 9
Total: 8.5 / 10

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All pictures by Andreas Klüppelberg

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