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strandkorbMG2021 elementofcrimeSparkassenpark, Mönchengladbach, Germany
13th Juli 2021
Element Of Crime - Strandkorb Open Air 2021

On this day the weather report forecasted a lot of rain. Not really a good situation for an open-air live concert. But before the German band ELEMENT OF CRIME started their concert, they promised that they drive away the rain.

The band from Northern Germany has been playing together for more than 35 years and are clearly happy to be back on stage. So, they enchant the audience with their Pop music, which in places is reminiscent of French Chansons with German lyrics. A part of the typical ELEMENT OF CRIME sound is the voice of the singer Sven Regener.

On this evening ELEMENT OF CRIME played in the front of many beach chairs and a lot of happy fans. Exactly at 20:00, singer Sven Regener entered the stage, followed by his band members: Jakob Ilja (electric guitar), Richard Pappik (drums), David Young (bass guitar), Rainer Theobald (saxophone, clarinet) and Ekki Busch (accordion). Then they started with the song ‘Wenn der Morgen graut’. During the first songs, the sound was fine-tuned and then it sounded much more powerful, whereas the bass guitar could have been turned down a bit. After a lot of slowl songs ELEMENT OF CRIME played ‘So wie du and Sven started to dance.

The following songs became calmer and melancholier again. During various songs, Sven Regener supported his band colleagues with his guitar or even with a trumpet. But Jakob Ilja also swapped his guitar for a cajon (a box that you sit on and use as a drum kit) or a harmonica. With ‘You Shouldn’t Be Lonely’, ELEMENT OF CRIME even played one of their few English-language songs. After 19 songs the band left the stage and returned after a small break for their encores ‘Weißes Papier’ and ‘Delmenhorst’. Then they left the stage again and returned for a second and third encore. In the end of this concert the whole audience looked very happy.

01. Wenn der Morgen graut
02. Mehr als sie erlaubt
03. Am ersten Sonntag nach dem Weltuntergang
04. Rette mich (vor mir selber)
05. Über dir der Mond
06. Bitte bleib bei mir
07. Weil es schön war
08. Deborah Müller
09. Bring den Vorschlaghammer mit
10. Stein, Schere, Papier
11. Im Prinzenbad allein
12. Ein Hotdog unten am Hafen
13. Jetzt musst Du springen
14. Im Himmel ist kein Platz mehr für uns zwei
15. You Shouldn’t Be Lonely
16. Finger weg von meiner Paranoia
17. So wie du
18. Immer da wo du bist bin ich nie
19. Am Ende denk ich immer nur an dich
20. Weißes Papier
21. Delmenhorst
22. Wenn der Wolf schläft müssen alle Schafe ruhen
23. Draußen hinterm Fenster
24. Schwere See
25. Vier Stunden vor Elbe 1

Music: 8
Performance: 7
Light: 8
Sound: 8
Total: 7.8 / 10

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