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batboner DSC09146Vaterland, Oslo, Norway
18th November 2021
Batboner & Grinding Fortune

Thursday night in Oslo and finally time for some Death Rock and also my first visit upstairs at the legendary Vaterland in Grønland (which is a district in Oslo, not the place you most likely thought of when you are not from Oslo). I’ve been here by the way before a few times for beer and Satan Pizza which I also highly recommend, but now it was time to get a dose of live music here as well.

Grinding Fortune

The first band on this evening to enter the stage was GRINDING FORTUNE, a band from Oslo that combines different styles of Hardcore, Metal and Noise to their own sound mixture. GRINDING FORTUNE is a duo consisting of Daniel (vocals and guitar) and Thomas (drums and vocals).

grindingfortune DSC08786

Music & Performance
GRINDING FORTUNE made immediately clear that this evening is not for fans of calm tunes. Progressive, strong and engaging songs - according to the setlist that I photographed on stage they’ve been playing in total five new and so far untitled songs out of eight that they played in total - so there might be some mighty music on its way! But they also played songs from their 2012 album ‘Inconsideracy’ - ‘Sadist’ and ‘Cascade’ and ‘Saye’ from ‘Attempted Virginity’ which was released in the same year, 2012. The quite minimalistic stage set-up was perfect to transport the pure strength and energy of the duo and it was pleasure to watch both musicians play their instruments.

grindingfortune DSC08905

01. Ny2
02. Sadist
03. Ny1
04. Ny3
05. Cascade
06. Ny5
07. Saye
08. Ny4

Music: 8
Performance:  8
Light: 6
Sound: 8
Total: 7.5 / 10

  • grindingfortune_DSC08770
  • grindingfortune_DSC08772
  • grindingfortune_DSC08782
  • grindingfortune_DSC08786
  • grindingfortune_DSC08794
  • grindingfortune_DSC08799
  • grindingfortune_DSC08802
  • grindingfortune_DSC08842
  • grindingfortune_DSC08896
  • grindingfortune_DSC08905


While BATBONER have been around as a band for a good decade and also released several singles and EPs, their debut album was released just in 2020 via Danse Macabre Records - unfortunately just in time when the pandemic hit. So this was the first live show in about two years according to the band and therefore the first opportunity to actually celebrate the release live on stage!

batboner DSC09143

Music & Performance
The red lights from the previous band turned into neon green and pink and changed the atmosphere immediately. BATBONER play finest mix of Goth, Punk and Deathrock and I felt as if I entered a family gathering really - I probably did. Many people seemed to know each other and really celebrate BATBONER being back on stage after a long while. No feet were standing still and the band itself filled the stage with an incredible aura - engaging, dark, yet absolutely fun to see live! Just the titles like ‘Boogie Bat’ might be a hint towards what kind of atmosphere and mood there was.

batboner DSC09036

Confetti, neon lights, wild dancing, ripped tights and lots of teased hair - here you go for the kind of dark & neon pre-party into your weekend. Meanwhile the lyrics are sampled from personal, at times very intimate memories and thoughts as well as dreams and put back together into all these danceable songs. The playful performance is really outstanding and special. I loved every second of it and it stood out to me even as someone who has been to so many shows, specifically also in this genre. Got me back into all the many years of Wave Gotik Treffen in Leipzig - my personal scene event that became a tradition and so deeply missed throughout the last two years.

batboner DSC08933

This little Thursday evening just felt like a tiny bit of this and like coming home - despite not knowing anyone and being the first time at this venue for a concert. ‘Strawberry’ was just the perfect ending for this night - dark, cheeky, dancy!

01. Tripping The Rift
02. Ikon
03. Boogie Bat
04. Chrysalis
05. Circles
06. Lala Land
07. Dysphoria
08. Henway Hetay Eadday Alksway
09. Blazing
10. Skretch
11. Void
12. Strawberry

Music: 9
Performance:  10
Light: 7
Sound: 8
Total: 8.5 / 10

  • batboner_DSC08913
  • batboner_DSC08929
  • batboner_DSC08930
  • batboner_DSC08933
  • batboner_DSC08934
  • batboner_DSC08941
  • batboner_DSC08942
  • batboner_DSC08943
  • batboner_DSC08948
  • batboner_DSC08951
  • batboner_DSC08953
  • batboner_DSC08956
  • batboner_DSC08958
  • batboner_DSC08964
  • batboner_DSC08967
  • batboner_DSC08973
  • batboner_DSC08975
  • batboner_DSC08978
  • batboner_DSC08979
  • batboner_DSC08982
  • batboner_DSC08984
  • batboner_DSC08985
  • batboner_DSC08995
  • batboner_DSC08999
  • batboner_DSC09013
  • batboner_DSC09014
  • batboner_DSC09026
  • batboner_DSC09036
  • batboner_DSC09070
  • batboner_DSC09076
  • batboner_DSC09121
  • batboner_DSC09122
  • batboner_DSC09131
  • batboner_DSC09143
  • batboner_DSC09146

All pictures by Nastja Iz
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