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DSC 2999Luxexpo Open Air, Kirchberg, Luxembourg
16th July 2022
Die Fantastischen Vier - “Für Immer 30 Jahre Live”

On Saturday, the team from Den Atelier kicked off a weekend that some visitors will probably remember for a long time. The “Nord” car park at LuxExpo was transformed into a small festival site. But a festival site, no matter what size, must also have something to offer musically. And it did: On Saturday, DIE FANTASTISCHEN VIER had the honour of inaugurating the weekend. With a setlist featuring songs from over 33 years of the band’s existence, this was no problem for the Stuttgarters. On Sunday, the party continued with SEEED. So, music lovers were offered a very great program.

DIE FANTASTISCHEN VIER, often shortened to FANTA 4, is a German Hip Hop band from Stuttgart, named after the German title of Marvel’s Fantastic Four. The members are Michael Schmidt (Smudo), Andreas Rieke (And.Ypsilon), Thomas Dürr (Thomas D), and Michael “Michi” Beck. They were, together with ADVANCED CHEMISTRY, among the first groups to rap in the German language.

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Music & Performance
DIE FANTASTISCHEN VIER are celebrating their 30th live anniversary this year. That’s why the open-air concert on the Kirchberg is themed “Für Immer 30 Jahre Live”. Actually, the concerts of the anniversary tour were already planned for July 2020 and June 2021, but they had to be postponed due to the Corona pandemic. The fans were all the more delighted that the concert could finally take place this weekend! Punctually at 9 p.m. the curtain of the night was lifted from the stage and the play could begin, telling us about the drama of a culture. Well, who recognises this? (To all German-speaking readers: feel free to translate the sentence).

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It started with ‘MFG’, probably one of the best-known songs of DIE FANTASTISCHEN VIER, and the audience immediately sang along with the verses. It continued with ‘Aller Anfang ist Yeah’ and ‘Yeah Yeah Yeah’ and the Germans captivated both, big and small fans. The mood rises with every song, one hit follows the other and so it comes that from ‘Was geht’, ‘Einfach sein’ and ‘Der Picknicker’, the time travel into a band existence of over 30 years was complete. During the performance, not only DIE FANTASTISCHEN VIER jumped and sang around on stage, but also the 8,000 people in front of them. Then it got a bit quieter with ‘Tag am Meer’ and a wonderful keyboard solo. However, the break was soon over and the FANTAs switched up to some power again and blasted songs from all decades into the audience.

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At the end, the FANTAs gave everything again and rocked the stage with ‘Die da?’, the song that gave them their breakthrough 30 years ago and whose lyrics everyone in front of the stage knew by heart. ‘Troy’, ‘Populär’ and ‘Zusammen’ were also performed. After a little more than 90 minutes, the concert was over and the audience was happily sent home on this perfect summer day.

01. MfG
02. Aller Anfang ist Yeah
03. Yeah Yeah Yeah
04. Jetzt passt auf / Bring It Back
05. Was geht
06. Danke
07. Tunnel
08. Zu geil für diese Welt
09. Jetzt geht’s ab
10. Dicker Pulli
11. Typisch ich
12. Einfach sein
13. Gebt uns ruhig die Schuld (den Rest könnt ihr behalten)
14. Der Picknicker
15. Hitisn
16. Tag am Meer
17. Mach dich frei
18. Pipis und Popos
19. Sie ist weg
20. Heute
21. Locker bleiben
22. Krieger
23. Spießer
24. Ernten was wir säen
25. Die da?!
26. 25 Years
27. Troy
28. Populär
29. Zusammen

Music: 9
Performance: 9
Sound: 8
Light: 8
Total: 8.5/10

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All Pictures by Elena Arens

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