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Halle Gartlage, Osnabrück, Germany
8th May 2009
Doro, Rage

Even if you’re not the biggest Metal head there is - like me - then you’ve surely heard of DORO, a woman that has achieved a lot in the male dominated metal scene and who’ve celebrated her 25th anniversary last December. But tonight she had come to her home base Osnabrück to celebrate with her fans the love for Rock and Metal…


The band already formed in 1984 under the name AVENGER but had to be re-named as there was already another band with the same name. The band actually decided to take on the name FURIOUS RAGE but their label just decided on short notice to erase the furious and so the first album after the name change ‘Reign of Fear’ (1986) was released under the name RAGE and the name wasn’t changed ever since. With the album ‘Trapped!’ (1992), the band had their international breakthrough, especially in Japan where they would go on tour soon thereafter. Including their 2008 release ’Carved in Stone’ the band has released a total of 18 albums under the RAGE moniker. In February 2009, the band made #3 at the German Bundesvision Song Contest for their federal country North-Rhine-Westphalia. RAGE is Peter ‘Peavy’ Wagner (vocals, bass), Victor Smolski (guitar, keys), and André Hilgers (drums). /

Music & Performance
Invited by their friends of DORO on short notice was RAGE to cater for a fair warm-up of the audience in the hall and as this band was also a recommendation of a friend there was even more curiosity on my side what this band would fire-up there and they really did fire-up something. Accompanied by a little melodic guitar intro the three came on stage just to fire broadside of guitar just some spells later with the beginning of the first song ‘Higher’. The audience got confronted with a very lashing mixture of guitars, drums and partly melodic, partly raw vocals by Peter ‘Peavy’ Wagner who additionally played the bass, but instead of just taking on the statue pose they clapped and partied along with the other two guys up there who were visibly pleased to see that.

Guitarist Victor Smolski would become the centre of interest for several times when putting on display one of his engaging guitar solos. How the man’s mastering his instrument was indeed intriguing and he made it look like it was nothing. Very, very cool and that as well goes for the whole package. A pretty nice show and I wouldn’t have had something against a few more songs but after the ‘Soundchaser’ had rolled over us the band left the stage for good!

01. Higher
02. Winter
03. War of Worlds
04. Set this World on Fire
05. Down
06. Innocent
07. Gentle Murders
08. All I Want
09. Soundchaser

Music: 8
Performance: 8
Sound: 7
Light: 7
Total: 7.7 / 10


The “Undisputed Queen of Hard Rock” how DORO PESCH is called by many, started her career being a singer of the bands SNAKEBITE and WARLOCK. Her debut solo release under the DORO moniker made her famous way beyond the borders of Germany where she’s coming from. Collaborations with such artists as Jürgen Engler (DIE KRUPPS), Lemmy Kilmister (MOTÖRHEAD) for instance clearly underpin her diversity and the standing she has not only in the Rock scene as these guys really wouldn’t work with anybody. On 13th December 2008, she celebrated her 25th anniversary together with 8,000 fans and famous guests. After the appetizers ‘Night of The Warlock’ and ‘Herzblut’ her new album ‘Fear No Evil’ hit the shops at the end of January 2009. DORO Live is Doro (vocals), Joe Taylor (guitar), Oliver Palotai (guitar, keys), Nick Douglas (bass), and Johnny Dee (drums). This time, Joe on guitar was represented by Bas Maas of ex-AFTER FOREVER. /

Music & Performance
Now everyone in the meanwhile pretty well filled hall was on the rack to see her. The “Queen of Metal” as she’s called by lots of her fans and most prominently the press never tires to give her that name but it’s a fact that she’s one of, if not the most successful woman in the Metal genre who now was close to touch down on stage but first the lights were killed and a storm was brewing off announcing the first song ’Night of the Worlock’, also the opener of her most recent album ‘Fear No Evil’ and the arrival of the band and last but not least the woman of the evening. No further heat up necessary anymore. The spark jumped across right away and the fellowship with several long-time fans took literally off with screaming and shouting, clapping and head banging and shaking their risen hands with the devil’s horns. The party went on with the ‘Earthshaker Rock’ and brought everyone back to her past times with the band WARLOCK and caused ecstatic cheers.

The set pretty much travelled back and forth through time bringing up recent crackers from ‘Fear No Evil’ like the dreamy ballad ‘Herzblut’, the thundering ‘On the Run’ and ‘Celebrate’ whose main line “We celebrate our Love for Rock and Metal” was nothing short than the motto of this show just as - much to the likes of the audience - another bunch of very classic DORO anthems such as ‘Burning the Witches’ or Hellraiser’. Just as the audience, the band on stage enjoyed themselves very much during the show, sprayed joy, delivered great performances like drummer Johnny Dee with his gorgeous minutes long solo, and interacted with the crowd whereas that was mostly DORO’s part and she did that pretty well. After the main set closer ‘All we are’ really a collaboration between the crowd and the band faded nobody would dream of letting the concert just end right now and they called the band back on stage for another quad of songs after which it was time to bid farewell but a farewell with happy faces everywhere.

01. Night of the Warlock
02. Earthshaker Rock
03. I Rule the Ruins
04. Burn it up
05. You’re my Family
06. Celebrate
07. Fight for Rock
08. Burning the Witches
09. Herzblut
10. True as Steel
11. Above the Ashes
12. On the Run
13. Drum Solo
14. Hellraiser
15. Metal Racer
16. Love me in Black
17. Für Immer
18. Hellbound
19. Breaking the Law
20. All we are
21. Fight
22. Always live to Win
23. East meets West
24. Metal Tango

Music: 7
Performance: 8
Sound: 8
Light: 7
Total: 7.5 / 10

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