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generationkill redwhiteandblood
Artist: Generation Kill
Title: Red, White And Blood
Genre: Thrash/ Groove Metal
Release Date: 16th September 2011
Label: Season Of Mist

Album Review

GENERATION KILL was formed in 2008 by EXODUS vocalist Rob Dukes and former PRO-PAIN guitarist Rob Moschetti. As a result, much of the music is a combination of thrash metal along with groove metal. The band name was taken from a war themed journal written back in 2004, so as fans can expect, this is going to be a heavily war themed album. ‘Red, White And Blood’ follows a concept of the horrors of war forcing a former veteran to turn killer, unable to cope with the post traumatic stress. Unlike many war-thrash oriented albums, the story feels linear and solid and actually extremely meaningful as it depicts a horrible and possible future for those in war as we know it. The album kicks off with ‘Hate’, an acoustic, almost OPETH like track that suddenly explodes into a very EXODUS based sound that is pure speeding thrash. ‘Red, White And Blood’ follows a similar format with Duke’s enraged shouting alongside the pummelling drums of Sam Inzerra. What is the real highlight of the song is the addition of ‘Star Spangled Banner’ added in at the end performed by Lou Lehman and Jason Trenczer, which adds a bit of American patriotism to the music altogether. ‘Self Medicating’ is a slight change as it is much slower, melodic, and darker with some clean vocal work from Dukes and Moschetti. Here the groove metal influences are much more present, and also Moschetti’s bass work is clearer than compared to the thrashier tracks.

‘Slow Burn’ carries a groove metal chug that isn’t as technical as on some of the thrash based tracks but still remains very heavy; it can be compared to some of the more commercialized work done by THROWDOWN. The music can be a bit repetitive- except for the solos which have a southern rock tinge to them- but it is very catchy as the rhythms have great hooks. ‘Section 8’ is more of an interlude that is mostly guitar instrumental with some faded shouting and laughing in the background. Combined it creates a sort of distortion that makes the track hard to hear; perhaps it would have been best to leave the track as an instrumental as the churning tones suit the atmosphere of the album perfectly. If one is really looking for atmosphere, then they will find it in ‘Dark Days’, the album ballad. Here GENERATION KILL turns away from the thrashing groove metal and aims more for very solemn, progressive guitar work along with percussion. Dukes’ clean vocals add a sorrowful, emotional aspect that has rarely been seen by him on other projects, and here he puts on a great show that normally wouldn’t have fit in EXODUS at all. While the lyrics are a bit repetitive, they continue to haunt throughout all five minutes.

GENERATION KILL also adds in a NINE INCH NAILS cover of ‘Wish’ from the ‘Broken EP’. Considering it was earlier in the NIN discography, Dukes and co. could get away with making it into a thrash cover, but the former industrial metal magic just isn’t there. The angry, pissed off atmosphere is there, but altogether it feels like a watered down version of the actual song; NIN will always belong to Trent Reznor, and it is very rare that anything except industrial metal can really do a decent cover of his work. Fortunately, this bonus track is separate from entire concept that is ‘Red, White, And Blood’ and doesn’t detract from the very real situation the album presents. For those who have complained that Rob Dukes should never have been a part of EXODUS, maybe they’ll consider him finding a home in GENERATION KILL. This is thrash groove done humanely.


01. Hate
02. Red White and Blood
03. Feast for the Wolves
04. Self Medicating
05. Depraved Indifference
06. Slow Burn
07. Section 8
08. Walking Dead
09. Dark Days
10. Let Me Die
11. Wish [bonus Nine Inch Nails cover]


Rob Dukes: vocals
Rob Moschetti: bass, backing vocals
Lou Lehman: lead guitar
Jason Trenczer: lead guitar
Sam Inzerra: drums


Cover Picture

generationkill redwhiteandblood


Music: 8
Sound: 8
Total: 8 / 10

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