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iscvortex stormseekerjpg
Artist: ICS Vortex
Title: Storm Seeker
Genre: Progressive Metal
Release Date: 19th August 2011
Label: Century Media Records

Album Review

Simen Hestnæs, also known under the synonym ICS VORTEX, is known as one of the most diverse and multifaceted musicians in the genre of Extreme Metal. Apart from being active in bands like BORKNAGAR, DIMMU BORGIR or ARCUSTUS, he has also participated in lots studio projects, either as a singer, bassist or background singer. ‘Storm Seeker’ now illustrates his first solo album, which contains contributions of many well-known musicians.

‘Storm Seeker’ is probably one of the most unusual and manifold albums I’ve heard in a while and you can start to discover new elements and phrases after every new flow path. Reducing the album to ‘Progressive Metal’ probably does not do it justice, since many different influences can be found. The opener ‘The Blackmobile’ or the following ‘Odin’s Tree’ appear to be quite Black-Metal influenced, although traditionalists probably won’t like the dominance of Simen’s voice. ‘Skoal!’ appears to be easy-going and Folk Metal inspired - listeners in search of atmosphere and darkness are not mistaken in giving ‘Oil in Water’ a try.

‘Dogsmacked’ somehow sounds like Psychedelic Rock straight from the 70s, whilst ‘The Sub Mariner’ is signified by an excessive use of synthesiser, which somehow conveys an 80s feeling. In general, this album is everything but ordinary. It has surely not been easy to combine so many different aspects, but still you recognize every single song as part of the album. The vocal-style is probably a matter of taste, but it is used in an interesting, emotional and at times melodious, melancholic way.


01. The Blackmobile (3:16)
02. Odin’s Tree (4:42)
03. Skoal! (2:29)
04. Dogsmacked (4:24)
05. Aces (3:41)
06. Windward (3:53)
07. When Shuffled Off (3:45)
08. Oil In Water (4:53)
09. Storm Seeker (6:30)
10. Flaskeskipper (2:47)
11. The Sub Mariner (4:35)


ICS Vortex – Vocals
Asgeir Mickelson – Drums
Terje “Cyrus” Andersen – Guitar
Jens F. Ryland – Guitar
Steinar “Azarak” Gundersen – Bass

Website /

Cover Picture

iscvortex stormseekerjpg


Music: 7
Sound: 9
Extras: -
Total: 8 / 10

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