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hakanludvigson soulroom
Artist: Hakan Ludvigson
Title: Soulroom
Genre: Electronica / House / Techno
Release Date: 26th September 2011
Label: Substream

Album Review

Hakan Ludvingson has built quite a good reputation among the DJ community, the one specialised in the House / Techno. And one thing that good DJs know very well is to keep the interest and the mood of their audience in high levels for many hours. It is this quality that Hakan has brought here, in the ‘Soulroom’, his debut album.

‘Soft Starlight’ opens the ‘Soulroom’ wonderfully and grabs you with its dreamy and melancholic atmosphere, while Coni with her excellent vocals adds depth and extra charge of emotion in ‘Goodbye’ and ‘Darkness’. ‘July’ was one of my most favourite songs with its African like beat intro and its melodic spoken word structure. Maybe ‘Amazing’ is more closely related to the club-orientated tracks which keep the body beat in cool levels. The intro of ‘Yra Myra’ might be one of the most characteristic and ball busting as well, ever. It makes you take a shotgun and shoot whatever makes that duck-like noise. This moment along the last song, ‘Beautitude’, with its annoying vocal discordance, which is hilarious, are the negative aspects of the album. The last song looks like it was created as if the singer was blindfolded while searching for the microphone.

The album is striking with its almost minimal synths, low tempo, full bass and moody aspects. I think the word “moody” describes it best; its music, though at times will bring you in a dancing or relaxed mood overall develops character. It is not of the kind that will fit either in a big club or plucky lounge restaurants. It was created more or less as music you’ll prefer to enjoy alone or with a very good company, preferably during summer nights. All these bring us to the main question; for who is the album? I guess that you’ll like it only if there is a compatibility of characters. Some of you will marry it for sure...


01. The Soft Starlight – 5:09
02. Goodbye (feat Coni) – 4:42
03. Nothing Ever Ends (with ALX002 & Cedar M) – 6:29
04. Take My Soul – 6:50
05. July – 4:27
06. With You Always – 5:34
07. Amazing – 4:59
08. Darkness (feat Coni) – 4:36
09. The Obvious Next Step – 3:03
10. Freesoul – 6:29
11. Yra Myra – 5:22
12. Something About The People – 6:52
13. Beautitude (with ALX002) – 6:47


Hakan Ludvigson

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Cover Picture

hakanludvigson soulroom


Music: 7
Sound: 9
Total: 8 / 10

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