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ironsaviour thelanding
Artist: Iron Savior
Title: The Landing
Genre: Power Metal
Release Date: 18th November 2011
Label: AFM Records

Album Review

‘The Landing’ is IRON SAVIOR’S longest wait for a release to date; usually fans have to wait only 2-3 years as opposed to four to get an album from these guys since 1997. However, it is well worth the wait. Still excellent at storytelling, ‘The Landing’ brings a new spin that will intrigue listeners with another sci-fi story that is similar to what first drew them with ‘Dark Assault’ back in 2001. For those who have never heard this German band before, it can be compared to the likes of bands like BRAINSTORM or JUDAS PRIEST with a fine mix of direct Heavy Metal when it comes to a track like ‘Hall Of Heroes’ with a simple, aggressive chug and excellent backing vocals to build the chorus up along with the heavily accented vocals to make them stand out compared to the usual “whiny” Power Metal ones, and then there are the more progressive keyboard driven songs like ‘The Savior’ where the musical arrangements are much more complex and grandiose, almost like they have a symphonic backing to them.

One thing that IRON SAVIOR has always done well (and continues to do well) is create that “anthem” atmosphere that really makes one want to sing along or get into the music. Tracks like ‘Faster Than All’, the highly enjoyable mantra of ‘Heavy Metal Never Dies’, or ‘R.U. Ready?’ all feature a thick, pummelling rhythm that tends to fall more into the style of more generic Power Metal or basic Heavy Metal, but the choruses are fantastic and nail everything that is right about this kind of music on the head. Like any Power Metal album though, there usually is a ballad or two. ‘Before The Pain’ changes things a bit by opting for a much slower, dramatic sound with Gothic overtones, making it feel like the keyboards are doing all the work. However, the atmosphere is much more attractive as the “group vocals” are more involved, adding a more mournful funeral hymn that is a huge difference from the more upbeat, rousing lyrics of the closing track ‘No Guts, No Glory’.

Fans might feel the track is a bit of a sidetrack from the story presented on ‘The Landing’ as it is the only ballad on the album, and typically Power Metal bands are pushed to put out a ballad, whether they want to or not. But, at the same time due to the huge difference in sound, ‘Before The Pain’ also may stand as the biggest remembrance for listeners. Overall, those that loved ‘Megatropolis’, the band’s last album will find that ‘The Landing’ brings forth the same energy and enjoyable rhythms that will hook old fans and also incite interest from new fans who enjoy both Heavy or Power Metal on all levels.


01. Descending - 1:05
02. The Savior - 4:48
03. Starlight - 4:51
04. March of Doom - 4:43
05. Heavy Metal Never Dies - 4:14
06. Moment in Time - 5:07
07. Hall of the Heroes - 5:39
08. R. U. Ready - 4:49
09. Faster than All - 5:03
10. Before the Pain - 4:34
11. No Guts, No Glory - 4:31


Piet Sielck- Vocals (lead), Guitars
Jan-Sören Eckert- Bass, Vocals (backing)
Thomas Nack- Drums, Vocals (backing)
Joachim "Piesel" Küstner- Guitars, Vocals (backing)


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ironsaviour thelanding


Sound: 8
Music: 8
Total: 8 / 10

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