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hatesquad katharsis
Artist: Hate Squad
Title: Katharsis
Genre: Death Metal
Release Date: 28th October 2011
Label: Massacre Records

Album Review

HATE SQUAD have been kicking out albums since 1994, delivering a rather captivating blend of death and thrash metal and hardcore/ punk. The band's label Massacre Records is currently saying the band pioneered metalcore as a genre. HATE SQUAD itself used the term "metalcore" already back in 1993, alongside a ton of other terms to describe their music. Whatever the case, HATE SQUAD are known for being good, in-your-face fun. So what can the avid listener expect from the new album?

And one thing is certain - ‘Katharsis’ is still 100 percent HATE SQUAD. The opening title track makes it clear from the start - kicks things up, whilst ending in doom-laden mid-tempo. ‘R3volut10n1st’ managed to worm its way into being the fave song of the album. Other notable tracks depending on whether one can nail the Digipak or not, ‘Katharsis’ will smack your gob 15 times, or 13 times. The powerful and clear production gives instruments and vocals the air they need to deliver their punch. Vocals range from growls to shouts, all delivered with all the venom and bile one could hope for.

Certainly not ultra-modern, super-progressive and whatnot, HATE SQUAD's newest offering is a fun and entertaining affair full of good riffs, hook-lines and melodies. Fans old and new can blindly reach into their wallets and pluck it from Amazon, or their local record dealer. Metalcore fans ought to give the album a listen first, as it is more death and thrash metal than hardcore.


01. Deep Scars
02. Katharsis
03. Your Rotten Life
04. The One
05. Hatebomb
06. A.P.A.B.
07. Misanthropic Soul
08. Vicious Assault
09. Old Times...Good Times!
10. Kill
11. Revolut1on15t
12. Face Your Demon
13. Live and Learn
14. Traitor Scum (Digipak Bonus)
15. Every Second Counts 2011 (Digipak Bonus)


Burkhard Schmitt – vocals
Mark Künnemann – guitars
Bauke De Groot – bass
Helge Dolgener – drums

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hatesquad katharsis


Music: 7.5
Sound: 8
Extras: -
Total: 8 / 10

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