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4lyn quasar
Artist: 4Lyn
Title: Quasar
Genre: Nu metal / Crossover
Release Date: 11th May 2012
Label: Very us Records

Album Review

After a creative four-year break they are finally back. 4LYN release now their sixth album. ‘Quasar’ demonstrates the same quality as the previous produced CDs and clearly shows how much fun 4LYN had during this production. Now they are hitting the road again and start their new festival-tour. The opening track ‘My Guide’ presents the renewed vigour and enthusiasm to find back on the road to success. With a wonderful melodic construction boosted with harder guitar riffs and a clear voice 4LYN must not be afraid when they are compared with a band like LINKIN PARK. ‘Someone’s got 2 do it’ displays much harder bass-line, drum and guitar combinations and shouted vocals, very intoxicating but it is reminiscent to several other well known bands.

The third track ‘Club Exploitation’ presents us from the first note a lot of joy and happiness. This part sounds like a desired mainstream creation, but shows much more depth in the context of the whole album. ‘Jewellery Store’ with its opening sequences and well thought sound-body reminds me to “Repo The Genetic Opera” - a rock-opera like horror movie from Darren Lynn Bousmann. But shortly after the opening 4LYN change their style to the familiar category. Strong guitars, excellent drumming and an unfortunately not much changing voice propel this song. ‘Train 2.0’ always show the familiar and well-functioning LIKIN PARK style. Following right after ‘When alone’ offer significantly quieter tones, a piece to rest and relax. With refreshed power ‘I am a Phantom’ follows with a LIMP BIZKIT style. A deep bass-line, recited vocals shape a surface for danceable tough music.

‘10 minutes ago’ appears like ‘When alone’ in a soft dress which tenderly adapts to the body and could enjoyed quietly. ‘M.O.N.E.Y’, ‘Both of us’ and ‘Frost’ follow again the well tried inspiration but could still convince. 4LYN already show a several times that they already mastered hard guitar riffing solid bass-lines and harmonizing vocals but my favourite track follows to the end. ‘Hollow Man’ with its soft ballad-like way shows the whole potency of 4LYN. 4LYN remain most of the time loyal to their Nu-Metal style. ‘Quasar’ is a healthy mix from diverse bands like LINKIN PARK, LIPM BIZKIT, KORN etc. but 4LYN must not be afraid of this association. Unfortunately you could not expect great new features or styles but the whole pleasure and energy used to produce this album creates a recommendable CD.


01. My guide
02. Someone’s got 2 do it
03. Club Exploitation
04. Jewellery Store
05. Train 2.0
06. When alone
07. I am a Phantom
08. 10 minutes ago
09. M.O.N.E.Y.
10. Both of us
11. Frost
12. Hollow Man


Ron Cazzato – vocals
Dennis Krüger – guitar
Björn Düßler – bass
Sascha Carrilho – drums

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4lyn quasar


Music: 5
Sound: 7
Extras: -
Total: 6 / 10

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