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fozzy sinandbone
Artist: Fozzy
Title: Sin And Bones
Genre: Heavy Metal
Release Date: 10th August 2012
Label: Century Media Records

Album Review

FOZZY is no stranger to Heavy Metal. Originally starting out as a cover band, they’ve evolved over time to start carving their own niche, eventually pushing towards a very solid, mainstream sound of Hard Rock/ Heavy Metal that is comparable to groups like AVENGE SEVENFOLD (simply from the vocals alone). Just hearing the sound ‘Sandpaper’ sounds like it came from the recent AVENGE album ‘Nightmare.’ Other tracks though have a more original style that is definitely more “FOZZY” based. ‘Sin And Bones’ is a bit rawer and crushes along in violent, yet melodic fashion. There is even a bit of a symphonic backdrop. ’She’s My Addiction’ touches more on original Heavy Metal influences like JUDAS PRIEST with segmented chugs topped with melodic vocals; there are even some female backing vocals thrown in for some good fun which go along nicely with the main vocals. ‘Dark Passenger’ also blends an excellent Rock sound with symphonic orchestrations such as piano. The rather simple rhythm may make the music sound generic but compared to the testosterone charged other tracks, it slides in nicely.

There are a few ballads on the album as well. ‘Inside My Head’ takes the pace much slower and towards a darker atmosphere. While it is not as dark as ‘Dark Passenger’ due to the exclusion of piano, the music has a raw emotional focus different from the churning aggression of other tracks. The same can be said for the closing ‘Storm The Beaches’, which merges heavy with slow creating an excellent progressive epic that should keep fans rooted. FOZZY has always been known to close on epics lately, but this track is definitely their best work. The music crushes not only the ear hole but also the heart with how the orchestral arrangements suit the slow moments perfectly, especially near the end. Overall, the album is pretty similar to what FOZZY has done in the past; part of this is due to the brief gap between releases, but ‘Sin And Bones’ doesn’t come off as a total repeat or rehash of the previous years. It’s just another step forward in a generally similar direction.


01. Spider in My Mouth - 4:47
02. Sandpaper - 3:12
03. Blood Happens - 4:07
04. Inside My Head - 4:02
05. Sin and Bones - 3:36
06. A Passed Life - 6:55
07. She's My Addiction - 3:22
08. Shine Forever - 5:45
09. Dark Passenger - 4:23
10. Storm the Beaches - 11:34


Frank Fontsere- Drums
Rich Ward- Guitars, Vocals
Chris Jericho- Vocals
Billy Grey- Guitars
Paul Di Leo- Bass


Cover Picture

fozzy sinandbone


Music: 8
Sound: 8
Total: 8 / 10

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