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heavyride st
Artist: Heavy Ride
Title: Heavy Ride
Genre: Alternative / Indie / Rock
Release Date: 26th January 2012
Label: Independent

Album Review

HEAVY RIDE are a lower Bavarian hard rock band from Grafenau. Influences from LED ZEPPELIN, METALLICA, NICKELBACK to AC/DC and GREENDAY are their unmistakable and clear trademark. HEAVY RIDE make a kind of pure Rock’n’Roll in other words. They present some tour dates right at the release of their debut album ‘Heavy Ride’ which you certainly should not miss. They were near to extinction after they become the winner of SCHOOLJAM 2009 and played on WACKEN and NAM. The band reproduces themselves from the ashes like a small phoenix thanks to Josef Blöchel who firmly believed in his mission and dream. So they could storm the Rock’n’Roll heaven again.

The four musicians put their heart and soul into this album which you could realize from the first track on. Unadulterated rock without any beeping sounds and electronic synthesizers were carved around your ears from track to track. Aggressive rendition hard rock clearly emerging from this album which make this band so sympathetic. You could clearly hear allusions to groups like NICKELBACK and GREENDAY distributed across this album in my opinion. But HEAVY RIDE should not be afraid to be compared with those bands thanks to their front man Florian Seemann with his demanding voice, the hart hitting drums from Johannes Puschmann and the fabulous played guitar from Josef Blöchl and the as well fantastically played bass from David Stich.

Each track is hard, unyielding yet with lot of content but there is one downer in this pond. Each track is a wonderful piece for itself and as I already mentioned arouses the desire to listen to more. But the overall concept of this album lacks some emotional and contiguousness and build no real intensive overall voltage which these guys always could bring down to the listener on their live performances. Nevertheless, anybody who always likes to hear some unadulterated rock should buy this CD and enjoy every track !! I will follow this band in any case and would be very excited about anything they would release in the future.


01. Black Shirt
02. Cut & Dried
03. No Silver Bullet
04. Last Tones Died Away
05. Old Salt
06. Along The Line
07. Deamons And Prayers
08. For A Word
09. Your Moment In The Spotlight
10. Heading For Ruin
11. For All The Heroes


Florian Seemann – guitar, vocals  
Johannes Puschmann – drums
David Stich – bass
Josef Blöchl – guitar

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Cover Picture

heavyride st


Music: 9
Sound: 9
Extras: -
Total: 9 / 10

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