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junglerot terrorregime
Artist: Jungle Rot
Title: Terror Regime
Genre: Death Metal
Release Date: 19th March 2013               
Label: Victory Records

Album Review

JUNGLE ROT were formed back in 1994 and are an American Death Metal band. They released their debut ‘Skin The Living’ two years later; so far, eight albums were recorded, the most recent one being entitled ‘Terror Regime’. This album puts forward straight and brutal Death Metal, at very high speed and with certain influences from Thrash Metal. ‘Voice Your Disgust’ commences the album in a fast and uncompromising way. Shredding guitars with harsh riffs, deep and growled vocals as well as guitar solos create an aggressive but at times somehow melodic song. The title track ‘Terror Regime’ is driven by the staccato-like drums which correspond to the angry and gnarled lyrics. Due to slowed-down passages, a variety in speed is created which adds diversity and allows room to distinguish the tracks from another. ‘Utter Chaos’ is dominated by the machinegun-like drums. During the middle-part, a nice guitar solo sets in. In general, the lyrics include topics like hatred, gore/splatter themes and criticism of society. ‘I Am Hatred’ includes a lot of groove and is very repetitive and monotonous, whereas ‘Blind Devotion’ is slower and more technical.

The song structure of ‘Scorn’ appears to be more chaotic and shows parallels to early Thrash Metal. ‘Rage Through The Wasteland’ is more influenced by Old School Death Metal, yet contains a modern attitude. The song ‘I Don’t Need Society’ strikes the listener as atypical at first, and after a closer examination it becomes apparent that it is a cover version of D.R.I. (Dirty Rotten Imbeciles). A cross-over perspective is presented and JUNGLE ROT add their very own style to the song by using blast-beats and maybe even speeding up the whole song. Although it sets in surprisingly, it adds more musical layers and shows broad influences. The following song ‘Carpet Bombing’ is the shortest on “Terror Regime” and ends abruptly; the last dance ‘Pronounced Dead’ sums up the trademarks of the album and is in contrast also the longest track with 4:36. In general, JUNGLE ROT refined their style and provide the listener with an energetic mixture of Death Metal and Thrash Metal. The music is very uncompromising, direct and harsh, as it is supposed to be. No unnecessary experiments are pursued and although the wheel is not reinvented, good quality is presented.


01. Voice Your Disgust
02. Terror Regime
03. Utter Chaos
04. I Am Hatred
05. Blind Devotion
06. Scorn
07. Rage Through The Wasteland
08. Ruthless Omnipotence
09. I Don’t Need Society
10. Carpet Bombing
11. Pronounced Dead


Dave Matrise – Vocals, Guitar
James Genenz – Bass, Backing Vocals
Geoff Bub – Guitar, Backing Vocals
Jesse Beahler – Drums

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Cover Picture

junglerot terrorregime


Music: 9
Sound: 8
Extras: -
Total: 8.5 / 10

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