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finntroll blodsvept
Artist: Finntroll
Title: Blodsvept
Genre: Folk Metal
Release Date: 22nd March 2013
Label: Century Media Records

Album Review

FINNTROLL is a Finish Folk Metal band with influences from Black as well as Pagan Metal. They were founded back in 1997 and ever since have established themselves among the most well-known acts in Folk Metal. Their debut ‘Midnattens widunder’ was released in 1999. So far, five more have followed – the latest ones being ‘Nifelvind’ (2010) and now, three years later ‘Blodsvept’. In contrast to the predecessor ‘Nifelvind’, ‘Blodsvept’ appears at the first listen to be less epic, more focused and more straight-forward. Yet, FINNTROLL merely refine their style and stick to their trademarks – interesting and unusual melodies, created by a mesh of keyboards, guitar riffs and characteristic vocals. The lyrics appear to be entirely written in Swedish, but they presumably deal with folklore themes as is common with FINNTROLL. The opener and title-track ‘Blodsvept’ begins as a mid-tempo track but develops a very catchy middle-part. In general, FINNTROLL contrast humppa-influenced, memorable melodies with slower, atmospheric parts.

At times, wind instruments are included, like in ‘Mordminnen’. March-like rhythms can be heard; the song structures incorporate a lot of variation and changes in tempo. FINNTROLL manage not to make their songs too complex, but all tracks on ‘Blodsvept’ are unlike another and offer a lot of details and experiments, that make several listens rewarding. None of the eleven tracks sounds out of place or of lower quality, and the harsher attitude combines well with the usual FINNTROLL melodies. On ‘Blodsvept’, they sound like themselves without repeating or copying their previous works. It can be seen as a logical, more approachable successor of ‘Nifelvind’, although it is not as easily listenable as for instance the highly acclaimed ‘Jaktens Tid’. Yet, it would also be irrelevant to produce similar sounding albums all the time. ‘Blodsvept’ is highly recommended for any FINNTROLL fan and for fans of melodic and energetic music in general.


01. Blodsvept (4:30)
02. Ett Folk Förbannat (3:24)
03. När Jättar Marschera (4:07)
04. Mordminnen (3:25)
05. Rösets Kung (3:16)
06. Skövlarens Död (3:45)
07. Skogsdotter (4:53)
08. Häxbrygd (3:52)
09. Tva Ormar (3:17)
10. Fanskapsfylld (2:57)
11. Midvinterdraken (5:38)


Vreth – Vocals
Routa – Guitars
Skrymer – Guitars
Trollhorn – Keyboards, Guitar
Virta – Keyboards
Tundra – Bass
Beast Dominator – Drums

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Cover Picture

finntroll blodsvept


Music: 8
Sound: 9
Extras: -
Total: 8.5 / 10

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