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feedingfingers theoccupant
Artist: Feeding Fingers
Title: The Occupant
Genre: Various
Release Date: 29th January 2013
Label: Tephramedia

Album Review

Writing this now actually was a very spontaneous decision of mine. With so many other things on the list, some things slip right through your fingers every once in a while. O had the files lying around for a while and when I finally got around to listen to 'The Occupant' repeatedly, the decision was set. Three years after 'Detach Me From My Head', the new album comes in as the result of lots of hard work and in an effort to expand the sound in numerous way. Best proof for that is given with the opening ' Eine Einladung in Ihr Gesicht mit Liebe geschnitzt', performed solo by a member of the Salzburg boys choir over the crackling of an old LP. There is a contrast between the light notes sung here and the shadows the words are reaching into. 'Inside The Body Of An Animal' then picks up very typical FEEDING FINGERS elements and casts them into a modern impersonation of what you used to hear from them . The drums are crystal clear, clattering as the joylessness of takes hold and Justin delivers some of his best vocals to date. This is much more singing than a lament. Both have their upsides to them. I do think though that singing fits Justin much better.

Where The Threads Are The Thinnest' elaborates particularly on a very driving rhythm section and melodious riffs than enlisting the help of a keyboard too much which results in a very down-to-earth, classic post-punk/rock experience. 'I Am No One That I Know' is the only track that received a video to visualize its spheres. It is very uncommon for the band to strip things down to such a level. Only acoustic strokes, eerie melodies of the past and vocals keep you company while you're walking through the twilight of a once locked room where there are past memories in the shadows waiting to be discovered. 'Blisters First' on the other hand brings back the full band setup to a powerful impact. It offers a slight orchestral appeal and swings between monumental moments take turns and rush down the edge the next moment without you recognizing it at first. ' Auflösen wie Familien tun' is a little contemplative piano instrumental that lures you into its depths before ' Paper Dolls Would Eat Glass for Us' floats into the subconscious with you, the drops you off in a dark corner with no directions. That one is almost like a soundtrack to a crime movie. The kind that isn't made any more these days. I think a black/white video and an appropriate storyline would be best for it.

Slow, very slow and brooding comes 'Breathing Partners' with a deep vocal delivery that injects fear and desperation into the systems "The snow will thaw". Actually, here you're getting the feeling it never will. That this is just an expression of hope of the protagonist in the song. Don't get me wrong. I'M not complaining, it's good as it is. ' Mine is Not the Only Voice in My Head' strays ' heavily from the previous paths taken as it incorporates classical music as a key element. Carried on vintage piano and violin it almost fools you into thinking that there's happiness. If there was some, it would be a twisted, bizarre kind of happiness.' I Drink Disappearing Ink' is something i would file under experimental with a tinge of musique concrete contained within on a subtle level. Either way it is a very organ type of song with the organ giving it grace. On the very last offering ' Walzer für eine Spieluhr' we reunite with an old friend as the music box mimics the melody line of the opening track. A bid of farewell to the listener I presume.

To write a conclusion after that is a bit of a hard thing right now. The record connected with me on more levels than I'd expected. It has this special kind of feeling to that is very rare to find. Other than that it shows the band has evolved a great deal, production-wise and in their range of instruments. Hopefully it is not taking too much time for the band to proceed to the next album. A tour wouldn't be bad either including some German dates. Could help a lot in spreading the word.


01. Eine Einladung in Ihr Gesicht mit Liebe geschnitzt - 2:24
02. Inside the Body of an Animal - 5:05
03. Where the Threads are the Thinnest - 5:12
04. I Am No One That I Know - 3:50
05. Blisters First - 5:16
06. Auflösen wie Familien tun - 1:20
07. Paper Dolls Would Eat Glass for Us - 5:15
08. Breathing Partners - 3:39
09. Mine is Not the Only Voice in My Head - 5:19
10. I Drink Disappearing Ink - 4:41
11. Walzer für eine Spieluhr - 2:20


Justin Curfman
Daniel Hunt
Bradley Claborn

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Cover Picture

feedingfingers theoccupant


Music: 9
Sound: 9
Extras: -
Total: 9 / 10

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