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henricdelacour mandrills
Artist: Henric De La Cour
Title: Mandrills
Genre: Electronic
Release Date: 13th September 2013
Label: Progress Productions

Album Review

HENRIC DE LA COUR is pretty much active as a musician since 1993, when he became member of the group YVONNE with whom he released four albums before disbanding in 2002. In the following three of the remaining members including de la Cour formed STRIP MUSIC. Two albums and many years later in 2009, the group went on hiatus. From there on, HENRIC DE LA COUR went solo. 'Mandrills' is the second instalment after the eponymous debut from 2011.

The opening track 'Mandrill' exhibits lots of the retro attitude that is permeating the entire album, even though that besides the spirit of past times there's a keen sense for experimentation audible that pushes the music beyond its boundaries. The following 'Chasing Dark' very much relies on wide synth layers to encapsulate a minimal beat and introspective vocals, fitting the music perfectly while I'm absolutely sure they wouldn't sit that tight on a pure rock track. 'Grenade' opens up in quite a calm fashion that's placing the focus on the vocals for the time being. These elements however are giving way eventually to an all-encompassing melange of guitar and synth.

From the very beginning of 'Hank Psycho', you can grasp some alienated indie rock elements that could've completely fooled me and might as well be purely electronic, who knows. 'Shark' is working well as a duet and you can't help but thinking of a dialogue of a guy who's overly confident in getting the women of his dreams. 'Sound The Alarm' then dissolves between the poles of ambient, synth pop and noise, which, come to think of it, work pretty well if you find the right measure. 'Mandrills' does leave a good impression to somebody who's fed-up with the flood of mediocre synth releases. The tracks may need a few listens, but will unfold at last.


01. Mandrill
02. Chasing Dark
03. Grenade
04. Hank Psycho
05. Shark
06. Blackie Lawless
07. Sirens, No Harbour
08. Main Vein
09. Rust On Rust
10. Call It In
11. Sound The Alarm


Henric de la Cour


Cover Picture

henricdelacour mandrills


Music: 7
Sound: 8
Extras: -
Total: 7.5 / 10

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