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hell curseandchapter
Artist: Hell
Title: Curse & Chapter
Genre: Heavy Metal
Release Date: 22nd November 2013
Label: Nuclear Blast Records

Album Review

HELL were initially formed in 1982, but dissolved in 1987. Although more or less disregarded by the media back then, their music somewhat gained a cult status and influenced a lot of bands. They reassembled in 2008 and released their first full-length record ‘Human Remains’ in 2011 via Nuclear Blast, the successor ‘Curse & Chapter’ followed two years later.

After the orchestral and majestic intro ‘Gehennae Incendiis’, ‘The Age Of Nefarious’ opens up the album in a very energetic and straight-forward manner. The song had already been released as an EP in advance. It furthermore sets the path for the whole album - melodic and ambitious guitar works are combined with catchy Heavy Metal riffs and dramatic, almost theatrical vocals. The vocals vary between high-pitched and lower, more dense parts. With the atmospheric transition to ‘The Disposer Supreme’ it becomes clear, that all songs on ‘Curse & Chapter’ merge with one another and that it’s probably best to indulge the album as a whole. ‘The Disposer Supreme’ alternates between vocal-dominated phrases and more technical and melodic instrumental elements. HELL also make occasional use of synthesizers to add more layers of atmosphere to their rather demanding song structures. Thus, the album also offers more layers and facets which only become audible after several spins.

‘Darkhangel’ possesses a relatively dark and haunting atmosphere, whereas ‘Harbinger Of Death’ is a more traditional Heavy Metal song with characteristic riffs and a catchy chorus with group-chants. ‘End Ov Days’ continues in a slightly slower and almost epic manner. With ‘Deathsquad’, an experimental instrumental is included to provide a thematic preparation for the grooving and dramatic ‘Something Wicked This Way Comes’. ‘Faith Will Fall’ is again a faster track with interesting harmonies and gripping riffs. The following ‘Land Of The Living Dead’ possesses a certain hymn-character. ‘Deliver Us From Evil’ includes a lot of tempo changes, whereas the last track ‘A Verspertine Legacy’ concludes ‘Curse & Chapter’ in a logic and plausible way. ‘Curse & Chapter’ is definitely a good record, with convincing songwriting, production and instrumentation. With regard to the predecessor ‘Human Remains’, the arrangements seem more coherent and inter-coordinated. Highly recommended for any fan of Modern, yet traditional Heavy Metal.


01. Gehennae Incendiis
02. The Age of Nefarious
03. The Disposer Supreme
04. Darkhangel
05. Harbinger of Death
06. End Ov Days
08. Something Wicked This Way Comes
09. Faith Will Fall
10. Land of the Living Dead
11. Deliver Us from Evil
12. A Vespertine Legacy


David Bower - Vocals
Kev Bower - Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals
Andy Sneap - Guitar
Tony Speakman - Bass
Tim Bowler - Drums

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Cover Picture

hell curseandchapter


Music: 8
Sound: 9
Extras: -
Total: 8.5 / 10

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