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fragmentking angelposition
Artist: Fragment King
Title: Angel Position
Genre: Experimental
Release Date: 28th March 2014
Label: Mhz Records

Album Review

Approaching the FRAGMENT KING's newest album 'Angel Position' with your usual set of expectations will lead you exactly nowhere. Why? Because it defies the conventional template of how emotions are being cast into music. We expect those things to be easily digestible sound bites and usually they are. But what happens if someone decides to put their music out of this context? To bring to the listener raw and unfiltered? Then you might get something like 'Angel Position'. It is its biggest advantage and at the same time its biggest problem. Because it is forcing you to change your perception of music, should you decide to open your mind for it and that's why it will be largely overseen, because people tend to not want to change things that have worked out for them so well so far. Those who are will have to delve right into the deep  with 'Mobilize'. There's actually no warm-up time. Things get thrown at you rapidly. The darkness is omnipresent, filtered through walls of harsh static and screams.

Yet the battle has just begun my friends, for the 'Nullifier' is taking the term auditory violence to new heights, as far as it concerns me, that is. Melodic splinters are scattered across the place, though you need a magnifying glass to find them, really. It is rather a mood transformed into sound on here. 'Greater Than Man' is a rather terrifying example of how a few sustained notes, static and a creeping industrial rhythm can generate real feelings of terror. Don't take this lightly, and don't look for light in there, there's none. The last track on the album 'Kingdom' is a twisted, shredded vision of what ambient music usually comes up with. It builds and builds, you can feel it brooding under its surface and then it just subsides and leaves you thinking....


01. Mobilize
02. Nullifier
03. Statute
04. Constellations
05. Greater Than Man
06. The Squealing Of The Pigs
07. Angel Position
08. Kingdom
09. Nullifier (Bazooka's Warhead Remix)


Fragment King


Cover Picture

fragmentking angelposition


Music: 8
Sound: 8
Extras: -
Total: 8 / 10

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