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grabnebelfuersten prodepressiva
Artist: Grabnebelfürsten
Title: Pro-Depressiva
Genre: Avant-garde Black Metal
Release Date: 18th August 2012
Label: Ketzer Records/ Einheit-Produktionen

Album Review

GRABNEBELFÜRSTEN is a German Black Metal band, founded in 1998. So far, they have released three demos and four studio records, their latest output ‘Pro-Depressiva’ has been announced as the band’s final record. After the short intro ‘Morgengrauen‘, the first track ‘Mantelmann‘ offers a first outlook on the song which GRABNEBELFÜRSTEN are going to pursue for the next forty minutes: melodies are joined by harsh riffs, clear vocals are contrasted with raw ones. The dominant feature of the band is surely their complex and progressive song-writing, which includes different sentiments and emotions into one song, as for instance in ‘Fazit Einer Ehe‘, where a rather melodic and calm part is opposed to a faster and more aggressive part.

The last track ‘Einsicht vs. Erkenntnis‘ offers a calm, atmospheric and piano-driven conclusion of the album.However, more often than not, their song-writing and their song-structures appear as rather chaotic, even bizarre and unexpected. Whilst especially the latter can in general often mark for interesting twists and turns, in this particular case, the end-result is rather hard to indulge and soak in. After several attempts to grasp a possible fascination for this music, I had to give up. Fans of the band and Avant-garde Black Metal might surely give this album a try, but overall, alongside some good ideas and a decent production, an overall concept seems to be missing here.


02. Mantelmann
03. Pro-Depressiva
04. Fazit einer Ehe
05. Die Rückkehr
06. Einsicht vs. Erkenntnis


Marschhausen – Drums
K.R. Eisnebel – Guitars
Hochfinsterwürden – Guitars, Drum programming
SeelenSchlachten – Vocals, Bass, Keyboards


Cover Picture

grabnebelfuersten prodepressiva


Music: 4
Sound: 7
Extras: -
Total: 5.5 / 10

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