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instrictconfidence someoneelsesdream
Artist: In Strict Confidence
Title: Somebody Else's Dream
Genre: Industrial
Release Date: 18th March 2016
Label: Minuswelt Musikfabrik

Album Review

IN STRICT CONFIDENCE have always been a step further than the rest. And it counts not only for music. Spare the cheap compliments like it's a unique band, with its own sound, always ready to surprise but always stays true in itself. It is crystal clear, and if you still have no single album by this band - you should seriously reconsider your music collection. Previous album of the band was in 2012, but with their new EP ‘Somebody Else's Dream’ ISC proved once again that it is worth to wait for their releases, even if it takes really long.

Dennis Ostermann found his sound long ago and successfully and confidently develops it. ‘Somebody Else's Dream’ is another amazing chapter in the IN STRICT CONFIDENCE history. The title song is an obscure, cold composition with its metallic shine suggests the recognizable style. Still the track sounds fresh and bright, promising to be the new hit. The EP contains four more versions of the song. One of them is a brilliant remix by Rhys Fulber (FRONT LINE ASSEMBLY, CONJURE ONE). Fulber exaggerated rough electronic sound of the track, making it more harsh and suitable for those who prefer pure industrial direction. The extended version of the ‘Somebody Else's Dream’ is almost two times longer than the original. The electronic guitars could not sound more dreamy than now. Together with the ringing synths and fantasy-samples this track leads you deep into the rabbit's hole. Retro Adapter Mix represents rough vintage synth pop version. The fans of the band will be rewarded with previously unreleased version of ISC's cult song ‘Seven Lives’. As well as there is one more song on the EP, ‘The Future’, another triumph of the band.

Visual part was always an important component for IN STRICT CONFIDENCE. The video for the title track is a collaboration with professional photo models and a fashion designer. This video is not only precious for itself, but it is the best example of how the artists should work our days. Stop hating trends and each other! Look for talents, combine your efforts, make beautiful things together! ‘Somebody Else's Dream’ is an amazing peace of work which can be judged as a top-quality commercial (in the good sense of this word) musical video. And every participant of this project might profit from this collaboration. For those who think that the "scene" exists in Germany only, there is quite important information: two models of three were Russian, the fashion brand BibianBlue is based in Barcelona, Spain. So thanks to IN STRICT CONFIDENCE not only for a new brilliant EP but also for pushing the limits. Video: 


01. Somebody Else's Dream
02. Somebody Else's Dream (Rhys Fulber Remix)
03. Seven Lives (Bicker Remix)
04. Somebody Else's Dream (Extended Version)
05. The Future
06. Somebody Else's Dream (Retro Adapter Mix)
07. Somebody Else's Dream (Music Video)


Dennis Ostermann
Nina de Lianin
Jörg Schelte
Stefan Vesper
Haydee Sparks

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instrictconfidence someoneelsesdream


Music: 10
Sound: 10
Total: 10 / 10

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