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jaycelewis million
Artist: Jayce Lewis
Title: Million
Genre: Rock / Alternative
Release Date: 27th October 2017
Label: Caroline International / Universal

Album Review

JAYCE LEWIS is a young and quite an ambitious British artist. He toured with GARY NUMAN (who also appeared as a guest-vocalist on the previous side-project of Lewis’s), KILLING JOKE, COMBICHRIST and played at MTV / VH1, BBC1 shot a documentary about him. Dave Prowse MBE (Darth Vader) is responsible for the musician's PR and, probably as contribution to the promo, took part in the current video ‘Shields’. Lewis also worked with QUEEN's musicians - Brian May and Roger Taylor. And in this elegant manner his Death-Star-like record took off... if you already got dizzy not even listening to the album yet, you should also know, it's only the first part of it! The second one is awaited in March 2018. Till then you might want to (re)read books by Prof Richard Dawkins, because in March you'll hear that name again in combination with JAYCE LEWIS.

Take a moment to digest all the information and figure out how come you never heard of JAYCE LEWIS before. Now off to push the play-button. From the first minutes be prepared to get crushed by the pure epic-ness. The British really know everything about creating huge, massive, enormous things. LEWIS mixes Dance, EBM, Rock, Metal and Punk and calls it simply “LOUD”. His music doesn't need any other labels. The album begins with a mythological synth-intro, promising a magical saga, but the tension grows and with the very next track ‘OrderArt’ the partly digital and partly instrumental Hardcore takes over. Every track has firm a construction, created with crisp drums and balanced with cosmic echoed vocals. Add to this guitars, synths, bass... more bass... even more bass! At the end of the first part of the ‘Million’ comes the euphoric and the most epic anthem-track ‘We are one’ featured by Brian May. Seven tracks of LEWIS’s are really enough to release them as a separate album, but just like an exquisite dish this record leaves the listener with a slight sense of hunger for more.


01. Created By You [Remembered As Myth]
02. OrderArt
03. Shields
04. Million
05. Line Integral
06. Unfamiliar
07. We Are One [FT Brian May]


Jayce Lewis - Vocals, Guitars, Drums, Bass & Synth programming
Martin Thompson – Bass
Syan – Bass
Tom Hall – Drums

Website /

Cover Picture

jaycelewis million


Music: 7
Sound: 9
Total: 8 / 10

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