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Artist: Jean-Michel Jarre
Title: Equinoxe Infinity
Genre: Synth Pop / Electronic
Release Date: 16th November 2018
Label: Columbia

Album Review

Exactly 40 years ago JEAN-MICHEL JARRE released ‘Equinoxe’ and now comes the follow-up, ‘Equinoxe Infinity’. First track is ‘The Watchers’ which starts with very ominous sounds going over into some more soothing tones. Then we have the monitory sirens giving us a warning. For some reason I see machines watching us. Next up is ‘Flying Totems’ and that is sounding much more positive and happier. JEAN-MICHEL JARRE has the rare gift of painting whole scenes into our heads with synthesizers only. Song number three is ‘Robots don’t Cry’ which is moving forward and is a danceable song. All songs go over into the other and so they fit perfect together. ‘All That You Leave Behind’ starts some kind of ominous as well paired with warning sounds going over into some happier parts. So, it is not all dark. There is a light at the end of the tunnel. Song number five is ‘If The Wind Could Speak’ and there we have a little surprise. Some cute childish samples. Just a short cute track.

Next up is ’Infinity’ which is directly moving forward starting like a brilliant and perfect Synth Pop song. A flawless 80s Synth Pop track in a modern robe, awesome! Song number seven is ‘Machines Are Learning’ and as the name maybe betrayed us already, we here have some robotic samples and some darker parts as well. Next one, ‘The Opening’, ties directly on the song before that track is very strong song with some edges and corners paired with flawless Synth sounds and a powerful chorus. Song number nine is ‘Don’t Look Back’ and is slowing us down a bit with melodic synthesizers sounding happy. Last track is the name giving track ‘Equinoxe Infinity’ which starts very spherical and melodic. We hear many different elements which make it sound happy and so it is the perfect closing track for the album. He is the God of the synthesizers! Nothing less and nothing more! So mark Friday the 16th November in your calendar!


01. The Watchers (Movement 1)
02. Flying Totems (Movement 2)
03. Robots don’t cry (Movement 3)
04. All that you leave behind (Movement 4)
05. If the wind could speak (Movement 5)
06. Infinity (Movement 6)
07. Machines are learning (Movement 7)
08. The Opening (Movement 8)
09. Don’t look back (Movement 9)
10. Equinoxe Infinity (Movement 10)


Jean-Michel Jarre

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Music: 10
Sound: 10
Total: 10´/ 10

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