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idlehands mana
Artist: Idle Hands
Title: Mana
Genre: Heavy Metal / Gothic Rock
Release Date: 10th May 2019
Label: Eisenwald

Album Review

I finally boarded the hype train for IDLE HANDS. After last year’s critically acclaimed EP ‘Don’t waste your Time’ the Portland, Oregon based five-piece released their well accepted and celebrated debut ‘Mana’. I hesitated a while before I asked Gabriel Franco (vocals) if I can give it a shot and review these guys (hell of a nice fella, just said yes). So now, again, I sit here and try to dress my thoughts nicely to appeal to my fellow head-bangers. Franco formed the band in 2017 after leaving his former band SPELLCASTER over creative differences (he basically held the band alive and did almost everything himself besides breathing for the rest of the bunch) so listening to ‘Mana’ and reading all the reviews this output received I come to the perception that all the frustration in Franco’s past and all the work for IDLE HANDS was worth it.

Musically this mix of Goth Rock and Heavy Metal is very interesting, some criticize Franco’s voice but I really think it is one of the things which make IDLE HANDS so special, sure he does not sound like Bruce Dickinson but I doubt he would want to and it would not serve the sound of the band and its uniqueness. Concerning the band’s sound I often heard the comparisons to IRON MAIDEN and SISTERS OF MERCY but I honestly think more than that… sure guitar-wise you get reminded of MAIDEN and the Goth Rock aspect of IDLE HANDS might remind one of the SISTERS but the vocal roughness of Franco is neither one. IN SOLITUDE and even TIAMAT come to mind but the mixture is what makes it special here because it doesn’t feel forced for a moment, the overall compositions feel very natural in themselves and really fucking epic at times. I can clearly say just buy the damn thing its pure fun and catchy as fuck.


01. Nightfall
02. Jackie
03. Cosmic Overdrive
04. Don’t Waste Your Time
05. Give Me To The Night
06. Blade And The Will
07. Dragon, Why Do You Cry
08. Double Negative
09. It'll Be Over Before You Know It
10. A Single Solemn Rose
11. Man


Gabriel Franco – Vocals/Guitar
Sebastian Silva – Guitar
Brandon Hill – Bass
Colin Vranizan – Drums

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Cover Picture

idlehands mana


Music: 9
Sound: 9
Total: 9 / 10

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