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hysteria nightclosingin
Artist: Hysteria
Title: Night Closing In
Genre: Heavy Metal
Release Date: 31st October 2019
Label: Church Recordings

Album Review

Now on this channel: HYSTERIA from Oakland, California. HYSTERIA is a four-piece that originally started out as a Thrash band in 2005 but evolved to a more traditional oriented band over time. Night closing in is their fourth output and the first one with Trevor Church and John Tucker on board.

Every fan of the New Wave Of Traditional Heavy Metal is well aware of Church and Tucker as they are 50 percent of HAUNT, one of the rising stars of the NWOTHM. Almost at the same time I came across HAUNT I also stumbled upon HELLFIRE which is Nunn’s and Smith’s other band. When I became aware of this cooperation I instantly knew this is gonna be good and I was so right. This stuff is rough enough to please the elitist underground son of a bitch inside of me and still its melodic af, Jake Nunn is a versatile and very powerful vocalist and plays the six string like a boss, Tucker's skills are well-known of HAUNT fame, smith drums as if the dark lord himself drives him and Church’s bass-lines are bad-ass as ever.

I also have to mention that this song material is really catchy and of a hilariously awesome quality, before I came to listen to the record (yesterday) I joked with Trevor about how it is a nice but late birthday gift to get to review this and man it is the truth. Just recently I went to my first HAUNT show with my brother and had a great time, I really hope HYSTERIA will visit Germany so I can sate my hunger for merch. ‘Night Closing In’ is a bit short with about half an hour playtime but that’s the only thing I can really criticize, the songs are three to four minutes in length but they seriously make me raise my fist in metallic joy. If you dig HAUNT and even bands like ICED EARTH this might be the record of the year for you. This is in my honest opinion a Heavy Metal milestone.


01. Graveyard
02. Prophets of the Void
03. One Year
04. Night Closing In
05. Death Consumes
06. Look Alive
07. Eyes Open
08. Soldiers of Tribulation


Jake Nunn - Vocals/Guitar
John Tucker - Guitar
Trevor Church - Bass
Mike Smith - Drums


Cover Picture

hysteria nightclosingin


Music: 10
Sound: 10
Total: 10 / 10


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