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haunt mindfreeze
Artist: Haunt
Title: Mind Freeze
Genre: Heavy Metal
Release Date: 10th January 2020
Label: Shadow Kingdom Records

Album Review

Fresno’s HAUNT always astound me with the shear mass of outputs while creating pure gold all the frigging time. Formed in 2017 by Trevor William Church, HAUNT has already 2 EPs, a single, two split EPs and two full-length albums under the belt and in 2020 the Heavy Metal community will be hit by ‘Mind Freeze’.

Church is a workaholic also singing in BEASTMAKER and playing bass in HYSTERIA (see HYSTERIA review). So if you are a fan already or will be a fan sometime in the future you got a lot of stuff to listen to and merch galore to buy. HAUNT’s musical style is quite unique and best described as heavily influenced by ANGELWITCH and even IRON MAIDEN in parts. Just recently I had the pleasure to see HAUNT live and I must admit these guys make no prisoners and give everything on stage exhausting themselves quite a bit, one of the best gigs in years I tell you! It’s also nice to notice that these guys are still down to earth even in the mid of the hype slowly amassing.

Speaking of influences: Trevor’s vocals sometimes even remind me of ANGELWITCH’s Kevin Heybourne (which is awesome). The whole record is up-tempo and apart from the ripping guitars clearly dominated by Church’s vocals. If I had to point a song out to check out I would say the title track ‘Mind Freeze’. It is catchy and shows the skills of every involved artist. Another great tune is ‘Saviours of Men’ because of the synth parts which make it stand out, the chorus also rips. I still stand with the statement I made in the review to ‘If Icarus could fly’: this is the next metallic revelation!


01. Light the Beacon
02. Hearts on Fire
03. Mind Freeze
04. Divide and Conquer
05. Saviors of Men
06. Fight or Flight
07. Have no Fear
08. On the Stage
09. Voyager


Trevor William Church - Vocals, Guitar
John Tucker - Backing Vocals, Guitar
Taylor Hollman - Bass
Daniel (Wolfie) Wilson - Drums


Cover Picture

haunt mindfreeze


Music: 9
Sound: 10
Total: 9.5 / 10

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