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generationaxe theguitarsthatdestroyedtheworld
Artist: Generation Axe
Title: The Guitar That Destroyed The World - Live In China
Genre: Rock
Release Date: 28th June 2019
Label: earMUSIC

Album Review

The super-group GENERATION AXE was formed by Steve Vai in 2016. This band includes the members Yngwie Malmsteen, Zack Wylde (BLACK LABEL SOCIETY, OZZY OSBOURNE), Nuno Bettencourt (EXTREME) and Tosin Abasi (ANIMAL AS LEADERS). The first tour of this super-group started in April and May 2016 in the United States. In May 2017 the band goes to Asia. The reaction on this both tours was overwhelming. So the made another tour in Northern America in November and December 2018. They played in 32 cities. This live-album was recorded in in Guangzhou-China during their Asia Tour.

I think everyone knows one guitar player of this super-group. Each of them is an extreme good one. They love to play and you can feel and hear it. The first set of this concert are the solo parts. Every member play some own stuff. My favourite is ‘Whipping Post’ by Zakk Wylde. Zakk is a good singer and this song is amazing. Tosin Abasi (‘Tempting Time’) is more progressive. Steve Vai is Steve Vai. He plays his song ‘Bad Horsie and it sounds good. ‘A Side of Mash’ by Nuno Bettencourt is a song with some Blues parts. I like it. Yngwie Malmsteen is fast and plays a medley.

But if they play together (‘Frankenstein’ and ‘Highway Star’) the songs are exhausting. In my opinion it sounds like an endless guitar solo. Don’t get me wrong- I like this musicians but there a too much of the wha-whas and that can be annoyingly. I think there is too much of “I can play you to the ground”. So if you like this endless guitar solos you can buy this record. If you are not in this listen to it before.


01. Generation Axe - Foreplay
02. Tempting Time
03. Tosin Abasi and Nuno Bettencourt - Physical Education
04. Nuno Bettencourt - A Side of Mash
05. Nuno Bettencourt and Zakk Wylde – Sideways
06. Zakk Wylde - Whipping Post
07. Steve Vai - Bad Horsie
08. Yngwie Malmsteen - Valhalla / Baroque n Roll / Overture / From a Thousand Cuts / Arpeggios from Hell / Far Beyond the Sun
09. Yngwie Malmsteen and Steve Vai - Black Star
10. Steve Vai / Zakk Wylde / Nuno Bettencourt / Tosin Abasi - Frankenstein
11. Generation Axe - Highway Star


Steve Vai
Zakk Wylde
Nuno Bettencourt
Yngwie Malmsteen
Tosin Abis


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generationaxe theguitarsthatdestroyedtheworld


Music: 7
Sound: 7
Total: 7 / 10

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