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habu distantthunder
Artist: Habu
Title: Distant Thunder
Genre: Progressive Rock
Release Date: 7th March 2020
Label: Self-Released

Album Review

Off to the prog cave! British pro trio HABU consists of three buddies from East Anglia that share an oddly concrete taste of music. Sometimes clearly British in a 80s poppy way and progressive and heavy in the next HABU will escape every predictability. Well written and executed but in an intangible way. These fine young gentlemen formed this band in 2012 (Post-apocalyptic prog so to say) in Ipswich (not the Lovecraftian one, that would be in the USA and is totally fictitious). This is quite a struggle to review when you listened to Metal the last eight months. HABU is just the epitome of oddly satisfying, every time you think you know what comes next they turn everything upside down... but they manage to write catchy, lovely tunes that don’t lose the listener on the journey.

Many prog bands write musical pieces of art without any hooks or any emotional value. HABU trigger me just the right way to keep being interested in the next song, the next transition and the next hook. On the Facebook page the band mentions their influences, I list the ones I see as fitting an comment on them with my heavy metal wisdom:

RUSH ( I know it’s blasphemy but I like Andy Clarke’s voice better than GeGeddy Lee’s)
GHOST (until I wrote that I failed to realize it but yup, a few similarities are there)
BLUE OYSTER CULT (HABU mostly ain’t as melodic as BOC but they are way more prog)
QUEEN (only in bits and pieces)
PINK FLOYD (comparable yes but HABU is way more exciting)

Just take a listen yourselves, I had fun.


01. Whirlwind
02. Panorama
03. Wireless
04. The Arrow
05. Nuke the Moon
06. These Walls
07. Operation Paperclip
08. Goodbye


Andy Clarke - Vocals / guitar
Alex Body - Vocals / bass guitar / keyboards
Alex Dunbar - Drums

Website /

Cover Picture

habu distantthunder


Music: 8
Sound: 8
Total: 8 / 10

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