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hellrazer bonecrusher
Artist: Hellrazer
Title: Bonecrusher
Genre: Heavy Metal
Release Date: 3rd June 2019
Label: Self-Released

Album Review

And once more something wicked from the treasure-chest of my pal Vlad, on this awesome Friday I present to you: HELLRAZER from Calgary, Alberta. These guys have provided me with a citable bio so here you go: “HELLRAZER was formed in 2003 in Calgary, Alberta, and have been stylistically described as “the Canadian JUDAS PRIEST”. After releasing a three track demo, the band released its debut full length album entitled ‘Hellrazer’ in 2007. This was followed by the release of ‘Prisoner of the Mind’ in 2010. Based on the quality of this release, the band was signed by the now defunct Dust on the Track Records (Germany) with a world-wide distribution deal via Sony for their third album ‘Operation Overlord’ which was mastered by legendary producer/ engineer Michael Wagener (e.g. OZZY OSBOURNE, DOKKEN) and distributed worldwide via Sony in 2013.

The album was nominated for a Western Canadian Music award. In addition to receiving a plethora of favourable reviews across the globe, ‘Operation Overlord’ placed in the top 20 for the 2014 Earshot Loud charts. For HELLRAZER’s fourth album, ‘Bonecrusher’, the band recruited Ralf Scheepers (GAMMA RAY, PRIMAL FEAR) as guest lead vocalist on the track ‘Metal Heavy’. The CD was self-released world-wide on June 3, 2019 and has since gained overwhelmingly positive reviews.”

I have to say I don’t know if there was any buzz on this record but information like this can slip the mind if you review almost 100 records in seven months (I read a lot too but I don’t remember honestly). One thing is for sure, the overall sound is pretty tight and aggressive, Zamponi does a good job on vocals but to compare a band to JUDAS PRIEST is high praise and in many cases a bit delusional. HELLRAZER have a rough and edgy sound, unpolished and gritty but it also is a bit monotonous here and there. The end of ‘Killroom’ is repetitive and in my opinion ruins the second half of the song and ‘Necropolis’ is way too long. Shorter songs would serve the bands style way more.


01. Capture Or Kill
02. Spitting Venom
03. Ancient Fire
04. Revolt
05. Gutsucker
06. Bonecrusher
07. Metal Heavy
08. Necropolis
09. Killroom
10. End Of Days


Shigeki “Kegger” Tsutsui – Drums
Gerald “Drz” Zamponi – Guitars, Vocals
Simon Hirota – Bass
James Rogers – Guitars

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Cover Picture

hellrazer bonecrusher


Music: 5
Sound: 6
Total: 5.5 / 10

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