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freeways truebearings
Artist: Freeways
Title: True Bearings
Genre: Heavy Rock
Release Date: 2nd April 2020
Label: Temple Of Mystery Records

Album Review

There are two words I kinda like when mentally warming up for one of my heartfelt and totally unbiased super-duper reviews: Canadian and debut, because both are very, very promising. Out of the Canadian cold comes a band with a heart-warming sound: FREEWAYS! Once again, I will present you a part of the press text first and will delve into the experience after that.

“FREEWAYS formed in 2015 in the humble suburb of Brampton, Ontario. After going through a few singers, they released their first recording, the three-song EP ‘Cold Front’, later that year, first as a cassette edition on the cult Heavy Chains label and then later on 7” vinyl format via Temple of Mystery Records. As aptly titled as the band's moniker itself, ‘Cold Front’ moved to a moody muse, its rough ‘n’ tumble melodicism recalling THIN LIZZY at their downright best. At the beginning of 2019, FREEWAYS contributed an exclusive track to Temple of Mystery’s critically acclaimed ‘Trapped Under Ice Vol. 1’ compilation, and then hit all four dates of the Canadian mini-tour in April, across Ontario and Quebec. Later that autumn, the band undertook a short, albeit successful tour of Germany, culminating in a performance at the esteemed Storm Crusher Festival.”

I really like it when a press text does not try to sell you the mentioned band as the best band ever walking the earth, this text is down to earth and provides you with information. The band’s sound is very warm and chill, no one is in a haste. The compositions have a clear direction but not once you get the feeling someone wants to push or pull you in that direction. The bass and drums are the red carpet for both guitars and vocals, the riffing and the vocals are smooth yet still rocking (THIN OYSTER CULT?). You get the obvious feeling that FREEWAYS are not the average Rock or Metal band, they got that little extra: the will to experiment in the frame of their own making and the balls to use their skills to an extent that borders on bragging (acoustic guitar, swing parts). I on my part really dig this record and will have to check out their ‘Cold Front’ EP and their future outputs of course, you guys have earned yourself a new fan.


01. Eternal Light, Eternal Night
02. Sorrow (Was Her Name)
03. True Bearings
04. Dead Air
05. Battered_Bruised
06. Time Is No Excuse
07. Survival


Domenic Innocente – Guitar
Sebastian Alcamo – Drums
Jacob Montgomery – Guitar & Vocals
Amar Amrith – Bass

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freeways truebearings


Music: 9
Sound: 9
Total: 9 / 10

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